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Your heart has stopped and your stomach is sinking. Your blood freezes. You are unable to exhale. It’s a mixture of disbelief and panic.

This is a familiar feeling if you have ever lost digital files. It’s possible that you deleted photos by mistake. Or perhaps a few files simply vanished. It breaks my heart in any way it happens.

However, the story does not have to come to a sad and regretful conclusion. Today, there are numerous brands of photo recovery software that can help. You can retrieve deleted files and lost photos with a few mouse clicks.

Easeus Data Recovery This powerful and simple-to-use photo recovery software can help you recover lost photos.
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We’ve compiled a list of the best free photo recovery software so you can choose one that meets your needs. There are options for recovering data for both freelancers and larger businesses. For those on a tight budget, we even offer free photo recovery software options.

MP3, ZIP, HTML, and GIF are just a few of the file formats these applications can work with. In addition, they are able to retrieve data from a variety of devices, including smartphones, hard drives, memory cards, and PCs.

Let’s take a look at the most effective free computer recovery software! Check out our list of the best photo recovery apps if you’re looking for apps for your smartphone!

1. Screenshot of the interface of the free photo recovery software EaseUS MobiSaver (Android & iOS) and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (PC & Mac). The photo recovery software EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can assist you in restoring up to 1000 file formats. It retrieves photos from Windows and Mac devices that have been deleted, formatted, or lost.

That includes removable media and hard drives in computers. A data recovery wizard is included with this user-friendly instrument. In just a few simple steps, you can get your files back with this feature.

You can recover up to 2GB of data for free with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. If you need to restore additional data, you can purchase the software’s Pro version.

You can sort the scanned files by file type with this recovery software. Additionally, before restoring the lost data, you can preview them.

With the help of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can retrieve deleted photos along with their original data. File names, file paths, and creation dates are all part of the lost data. SD cards and USB flash drives are supported by this.

This free photo recovery software is also available on your PC or Mac for Android and iOS devices.

Download: Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS 2 for Windows/Mac Screenshot of the interface of Puran File Recovery, a free photo recovery program. Puran File Recovery is an excellent Windows recovery program. It can assist you in quickly retrieving deleted partitions, files, and photos.

Hard disks, memory cards, formatted disks, and mobile phones are all supported by the program. Additionally, it is compatible with CDs, DVDs, and any other storage media.

The interface of this recovery software is easy to use. It has a powerful recovery engine that can quickly retrieve over 50 file formats.

There are three ways to recover with Puran File Recovery:

By listing deleted files in a matter of seconds, Quick Scan works.
A device can be precisely examined with Deep Scan. It is able to identify a greater number of lost and deleted files.
Partitions deleted or lost can be found with Full Scan. It also works well to recover deleted files from formatted devices.
Puran File Recovery makes it possible to recover deleted files with the path structure preserved. Because you can organize them exactly as they were before they were deleted, this feature will make your life easier.

A Maintenance Wizard option is also included with Puran File Recovery. The performance of your computer could benefit from this. Additionally, it has a Batch Fix feature that keeps your system error-free and clean.

Support for this software is available in a variety of languages and is compatible with Windows.

Download: 3. Windows Screenshot of the interface of the free file recovery program PC Inspector File Recovery PC Inspector File Recovery is a freeware program. You can use it to recover deleted partitions or files from Windows devices. HTML, JPEG, MP3, and ZIP are among the more than 25 file types that it can work with.

Seven languages are available for this free photo recovery software. Additionally, it provides a step-by-step guide for quickly recovering files and photos.

If your computer crashes, PC Inspector File Recovery can help you save your hard drive. In addition, it is useful in the event of hardware failure or a virus.

Your files can be recovered with their original date and time information using this software. Furthermore, this program is completely free. A license is not required to use any of the features.

Download: 4. Windows Screenshot of the free photo recovery software 7-Data Recovery 7-Data Recovery is a photo recovery tool that can assist you in retrieving lost data. It is an excellent Windows photo recovery software.

You can restore up to 1 GB of data using the program. Emails, audio, video, photos, and document file formats can all be retrieved.

The software can recover more than just files. It also fixes problems with SD cards, errors in partitions, and corrupted files.

There are four recovery modes available for restoring various types of data. The mode you choose is determined by how the data was lost:

In Deleted Recovery mode, deleted files from the recycle bin can be retrieved. It also works with stored files that have been permanently deleted.
The Complete Recovery mode aids in the recovery of files from corrupted or formatted volumes.
In a variety of situations, the Lost Partition Recovery mode works with deleted partitions. Crashing hard drives and repartitioning disks are two examples.
Media files like videos, music, and images are retrieved by the Digital Media Recovery mode.
Hard drives, SD cards, cameras, USB drives, and other memory cards are all supported by 7-Data Recovery. It can restore files from mobile storage devices and local drives.

Download: 5. Windows Screenshot of the interface of the free photo recovery software Undelete 360Undelete 360 is available to Windows users for free. It is a data recovery tool that lets you quickly retrieve lost files.

It retrieves deleted images from USB drives, smartphones, and memory cards. It also works with computer hard drives and floppy drives.

An effective algorithm powers this photo recovery software. It makes it simple to browse, search, and restore files.

Undelete 360 can assist you in restoring photos that have been deleted because of a virus, an accident, software failure, or an unexpected shutdown of the system.

Before restoring the lost files, you can preview them with this recovery software. It displays the scanned results in a folder and file type view.

Additionally, the program includes a filter feature. It saves time for users because they can scan specific files rather than the entire device.

Download: 6. Windows Screenshot of the iCare Data Recovery Free software interface iCare Data Recovery is a free Windows photo recovery program. The software helps you recover photos that have been permanently deleted by viruses, formatting your hard drive, or software crashes.

More than 600 file types are supported by iCare Data Recovery. This includes emails, images, documents, audio files, and videos.

This recovery software can scan SD cards, microSD cards, removable hard drives, and hard drives. Digital cameras and USB flash drives are also included.

You can quickly recover deleted photos with the help of iCare Data Recovery. As long as your device is not physically damaged, the software works.

Download: 7. Windows Screenshot of the Windows File Recovery software interfaceWindows File Recovery is an excellent tool that was developed by Microsoft. You can use it to retrieve files and photos from Windows 10 devices.

This program costs nothing at all. It helps you recover deleted documents, videos, photos, and other file types. You can search for the deleted files by name, extension, or keywords with this feature.

This data recovery software is compatible with a variety of storage media. Solid-state drives, hard disk disks, memory cards, and USB memory drives are just a few examples.

There are two file recovery modes available with Windows File Recovery: regular and extensive. Additionally, it has a Data Recovery Signature mode that can retrieve files from an SD card or camera.

You can recover files that were deleted recently with the Regular mode. It accepts flash drives with more than 4GB of data as well as solid-state drives. This mood of recovery is quick but not completely effective.

Files can be recovered from corrupted disks or reformatted drives using the Extensive mode. In this mode, scanning takes a lot longer. However, there is a greater chance of restoring the files!


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