Anti Theft Security And Alarm System

Are you stressed over losing your costly cell phone ?

Are you felt burnt out on of inquisitive individuals attempting to get to your telephone all the time ?

Do you frequently lose your telephone and sit around idly attempting to discover it ?

Against Theft Security is a finished and natural application. With in excess of 20 highlights, this application will enable you to locate your lost or taken Android gadget. In any case, it’s not just a telephone tracker application, Antitheft Security has numerous highlights to build opportunities to recoup your telephone as well as distinguish the criminal, get back your own information and keep individuals from contacting your telephone without your consent.

There are 2 different ways to secure your gadget:

  • Remote control through SMS (instant messages) from another telephone
  • Automatic alarms

► Remote control

Send directions through SMS (instant messages) from another gadget to your lost cell phone so as to empower any of the accompanying highlights.

Highlights :

  • Use protected directions with mystery code
  • Make the telephone ring at most extreme volume
  • Get GPS position of the cell phone
  • Display an individual message on the screen
  • Take an image utilizing front camera
  • Turn the light on
  • Retrieve battery level
  • Retrieve a point by point report
  • Get the contact list
  • Lock the cell phone remotely
  • Factory reset
  • Retrieve call log
  • Get the rundown of all directions accessible
  • Hide/Unhide the application symbol
  • Triggers an uproarious caution and takes selfies
  • Capture a video
  • Block status bar when gadget is bolted

On the off chance that your telephone is lost, lost or taken you can for example make it ring remotely or recover GPS directions to find it. So as to verify your personnal information, you can bolt your telephone remotely to make it pointless and keep on utilizing every one of the highlights accessible. On the off chance that you figure you can’t get back your telephone do a manufacturing plant reset so as to erase every one of your information.

► Automatic alarms

You can likewise depend on analyst mode to screen the movement of your cell phone whenever and make hard for the cheat to debilitate or uninstall Antitheft Security.

Investigator mode :

  • Sends insights concerning new SIM card embedded and takes selfie
  • Low battery alert alongside gps area
  • ON/OFF catch debilitated when telephone is bolted

Watch out for your cell phone and counteract anybody to contact your telephone without your authorization with movement mode.

Movement mode :

  • Triggers an uproarious alert in the event that someone contacts your telephone
  • Disables key volumes
  • Takes selfies 3 sec after the alert beginnings and upon any key press
  • Protects the caution with a mystery code

Charge your cell phone securely and avoid anybody to get to your telephone without your consent with charger mode.

Charger mode :

  • Triggers a noisy alert in the event that someone detaches your charger without your assent
  • Disables key volumes
  • Takes selfies 3 sec after the caution begins and upon any key press
  • Protects the caution with a mystery code

Note: Anti burglary Security doesn’t guarantee it can stay away from robbery totally yet with this application you have far more opportunities to get back your telephone or maintain a strategic distance from burglary.

Step by step instructions to uninstall the application ?

Make a point to evacuate administrator rights before uninstalling the application.

1) Go to the settings of the application and use “uninstallation” button (it will evacuate administrator rights consequently).

2) Disable administrator rights from your cell phone’s settings (Security > Device Administrators : uncheck the application). At that point uninstall the application of course.

Gadget Administrator consent :

This application utilizes the Device Administrator consent.

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