Call Blocker

happens a great deal of time that we get calls from an obscure number.

Let’s face it, do you likewise loathe undesirable calls and calls like us?

We as a whole disdain spam and robo-calls!

That is the reason we manufactured a compelling SIM blocker application that can stop these undesirable calls.

SIM-Blocker replaces the standard dialer application of your telephone to get and dissect all data about the approaching call (for example SIM space, contacts)

SIM-Blocker is a basic call blocker application with just one reason: to hinder irritating and undesirable calls.

SIM Blocker guarantees that you are not upset by spam guests, undesirable guests or obscure numbers and consistently get data about approaching calls.

. Whenever you can undoubtedly add individuals to the whitelist and furthermore alter the rundown of obstructed calls.

SIM Blocker is extraordinary compared to other call obstructing applications on the Play Store in view of its double SIM work.

This application is the main Dual SIM application for Android gadgets.

On the off chance that you have a telephone with two SIM cards, you can set your obstructing mode for each SIM card independently.

This control work is viable with practically all cell phones beginning with Android 7.0.

Probably the best component of SIM-Blocker is the undertaking arranging.

You can plan the boycott so calls are impeded distinctly at specific occasions or you can unblock redundant assignments for a non-weekend day.

For instance, call impeding is empowered from 09:00 to 14:00 each Monday and Wednesday.

The application plans the undertaking naturally and you don’t need to stress over it any longer.

With this application you can enact programmed SMS and warnings.

The application begins naturally in the warning bar.

On the off chance that a call is impeded, you can set to naturally send a SMS and get a notice for every single hindered call.

SIM Blocker is perfectly planned and simple to utilize, the free form of SIM Blocker accompanies promotions.

You can eliminate the advertisements and get more highlights by purchasing the Pro form from Play Store.

✅ Intuitive call interface for approaching and active calls

✅ Whitelist is given to ensure that specific individuals don’t get impeded.

✅ Get a notice when a call got obstructed.

✅ Activate an automated message SMS on obstructed calls.

✅ The most remarkable call blocker application on play store.

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