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In 2021, YouTube, the largest video platform in the world, introduced its new Shorts feature. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and get noticed without having to spend a lot of time and effort getting ready for a long video.

Add Text to YouTube Shorts

With a YouTube Shorts altering application, you can improve your YouTube Shorts recordings in a flash, and makes them jump out with fun video livelinesss, channels and impacts.

Continue reading to learn about the best video editing apps for YouTube Shorts right away!

Introduction What Are YouTube Shorts?
How to Make a YouTube Shorts Video How to Upload YouTube Shorts Videos YouTube Shorts Video FAQs What Are YouTube Shorts? The 8 Best YouTube Shorts Video Editing App for iPhone and Android
YouTube Shorts are 60 seconds or less and distributed straightforwardly to the stage. Think of them as Instagram Stories, Reels, or TikToks for YouTube.

The new YouTube shorts section of the YouTube mobile app lets users post 60-second short videos.

You don’t need a fancy camera, a lot of memory, or editing software to use these. Instead, you can easily edit short videos using video editing apps, post them directly to the platform, and record them on your phone.

YouCam Video InShot CapCut KineMaster Funimate Videoleap FaceTune Video Filto 1 is one of the eight best iPhone and Android video editing apps for YouTube shorts. The best video editing app for Android and iPhone is YouCam Video. The free video editor lets you change your face, make video collages, add filters to videos, and change makeup in videos.

YouCam Video is the best all over video altering application for YouTube Shorts on iOS and Android gadgets.

It is the only available video editor app that combines hundreds of video effects, filters, and background editing options with powerful face editing.

YouCam Video offers 200+ attractive video effects for short video editing. Add video effects to YouTube shorts with more than 100 video filters and effects. You can apply a variety of video effects and filters to your footage with YouCam Video. Over a hundred different video effects are available, including modern color grading options and classic film looks.

YouCam Video has you covered whether you want to give your video a more cinematic appearance or just add some pizzazz with cool special effects.

Video Face Retouching and Background Change YouCam Video, the best free video editing app, can remove spots and blemishes from faces for your videos.

The app also has powerful face retouching features that let you change facial features like eyes and lips, smooth out skin tones, and remove spots and wrinkles.

The best way to edit video backgrounds for iPhone and Android is to use the best video background color changer. You can also use a variety of backgrounds to make your videos look more professional.

YouCam Video also has blur video background options if you want more control over how the background looks. With just a few clicks, you can blur out any unwanted elements in the scene or make a shallow depth of field effect.

Add Text to YouTube Shorts and Add Music to Videos The YouCam Video app lets users add text to videos and use video filters. The app has essential video editing features like adding text and music to the background, making it easy to make perfect videos with just one app.

The best free video editing app, YouCam Video, lets you add music to videos with more than 750 options for background music.

The YouCam Video app has more than 750 different music options for background music. It is ideal for chatting videos, daily vlogs, home DIYs, and other types of YouTube Shorts videos.

The new YouTube shorts section of the YouTube mobile app lets users post 60-second short videos.

Using the best video editor, learn how to edit short videos on YouTube. Due to its powerful editing tools, Inshot is a good choice for short video editing. It is a simple video editor that lets you add background music, cut and trim video clips, add transitions, use cute stickers and text, and cut and trim video clips.

Additionally, it has cool video effects like slow motion and glitches. This all-in-one app can also be used to make video collages.

3. Bytedance, the same company that makes TikTok, developed the video editor app CapCut. As a result, you can anticipate a few useful editing tools for making short videos, such as stickers and text, video effects, and trendy filters.

Additionally, background music can be edited and the video’s background can be removed using the CapCut app. It has all of the editing features needed to edit short, entertaining videos, making it an excellent choice for YouTube Shorts editing.

4. KineMaster App for Editing YouTube Shorts: KineMaster KineMaster is yet another fantastic choice for customizing your YouTube short videos. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android, making it easy for anyone to make entertaining videos. KineMaster has all of the essential video editing tools, including cutting, splicing, and cropping. However, it also provides additional options.

You can likewise add audio effects, voice transformers, stickers, and movements. KineMaster is a good choice if you want a straightforward editing app that is easy to use.

5. App for Editing YouTube Shorts by Funimate: Funimate Funimate is an iOS and Android editing app that is free. It’s not the most ideal choice for excellence modifying, yet it brings a ton to the table for video altering. There are a lot of fun transitions, animations, stickers, and text effects in Funimate.

You will be able to create YouTube Shorts that are completely unique from beginning to end using this application. However, this app appears to have more paid advertisements than the majority of other video editing apps.

6. YouTube Shorts Editor App by Videoleap: For basic video editing on your phone, Video Leap is a good choice. It can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android, but in-app purchases are available. This app might be right for you if you want your YouTube shorts to have an artistic feel to them. Over one hundred sound effects and the ability to mix various videos are simple features.

Additionally, Videoleap provides high-quality design elements like keyframe animations and stickers. On the other hand, it lacks any features for retouching makeup, hair, or skin.

7. FaceTune Video is a well-liked video retouching application. It works best for editing hair, makeup, and skin to make beautiful content. With just a few taps, you can soften skin, apply makeup, and whiten teeth. The disadvantage is that it’s not awesome for really altering recordings.

The video editing software isn’t as robust as some of the other applications because the majority of its features are for beauty edits.

8. The YouTube Shorts Editor App by Filto: Filto is a great option if you want to achieve a certain aesthetic, such as vaporwave or nostalgia for the 1990s. You can use it to add dozens of filters and effects to your YouTube shorts, TikTok videos, and Instagram reels.

Additionally, it offers a plethora of free music, fonts, and graphics to further enhance your videos. Filto has some fundamental excellence correcting highlights like complexion changes, yet it doesn’t offer a ton around here.

Step 1: Create a YouTube Shorts Video Step 2: Get the Best YouTube Shorts Video Editor Step 3: Upload Your Video Step 4: Add Video Filters and Edit. Step 5: Add Video Effects Step 6: Add Text and Music for the Background Make a YouTube Shorts post using the best video editor app by saving the video and uploading it:

Step 1. Download the Best Video Editor for YouTube Shorts YouCam Video is the best iPhone and Android video editor. The free video editor lets you change your face, make video collages, add filters to videos, and change makeup in videos.

To begin, you can download the free YouCam Video app for both Android and iOS.

Step 2. You can either record your video right inside the YouCam Video app or upload it using the + sign in the app.

With popular YouTube Shorts video themes like Rainbow, Meta World, Daydream, and Springtide, you can add personality to your video while you’re recording.

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