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Being unable to communicate with loved ones suddenly can cause serious anxiety. In situations like these, the best phone tracker apps can be helpful, especially for kids and elderly people. The purpose of these phone location tracker apps is to assist you in determining the individual’s most recent active location in case of an emergency. If the phone is still connected to the network, you can even find the person’s real-time location with some apps. You can install any of the best location-tracking apps we’ll talk about later to know if your loved ones are on time or where they should be.
Our Top Picks We have chosen the best phone tracking apps to include on this list. Some of the best free apps can even work with wearable devices like smart bands to make the experience more efficient. So, if you’re looking for the best Android and iOS track my phone app, stick around until the end of this blog.

The features and download links for each of the names on this list of the best phone tracking apps for families in 2022 can be found beneath each name. If you like the features of any of the apps on this short list, you can install them without second thought because they have all been thoroughly evaluated. Without further ado, let’s move on to the list of the best phone tracker apps.

Waze is a GPS app that helps users find routes and get traffic updates. You can also use the location tracker app to find parking spots to avoid parking tickets, find out if construction is taking place between you and the route, and more. The app, which can be controlled with your voice, also lets you listen to your favorite music. Now that it is the best family tracking app, it cares about each user’s privacy. As a result, in order to follow a family member, they must share their location with you. You’ll be able to monitor them in real time for a limited time in this way.

Highlights of Waze, one of the best GPS phone tracker apps: A global community of more than 130 million people Get traffic alerts that include information about constructions, police checkpoints, and more Ask for the location to track other Waze users in real time Sharing location can be done by selecting trusted contacts Download Waze, the best phone location tracker iOSWaze, the best phone tracking app, iOS app download link ANDROIDWaze, the best phone tracking app, android app download link The best location-tracking The GPS tracker enables you to privately monitor family members in real time. In addition, there are additional features like receiving alerts whenever a member of your family leaves or arrives at a location, sending panic alerts when they are nearby, and more.

Highlights of the best location tracking app, iSharing: Real-time tracking; automatic alerts if a family member is nearby; ability to send panic alerts; history to see where family members have been; tracking a lost or stolen phone. Map My Run by Under Armour is one of the best tracker apps currently available with advanced wearable integration features. This app is a great workout partner because it stores all of your workout’s important stats and matrices for perfect analysis. You can precisely monitor your workouts using features like stride length, foot strike angle, and ground contact time, allowing you to make necessary adjustments for improved outcomes.

Map My Run is extremely adaptable, and it is compatible with the majority of wearables, including Google Fit, Android Wear, Garmin, Fitbit, Suunto, and others. As an additional set of eyes for your workout, it also comes with shoes that are connected to the underwear.

The top location tracking app, Waloc, is useful for tracking a phone by using the number. Notable features of Map My Run, the best app for location tracking Best Wearable Tech of 2019 by Outside Magazine 1-year free trial with premium features Visual and haptic updates in real-time Track your workouts, location, and routes On the app itself, you can follow family members whose permission has been granted. The tracker can also be useful in the event that you lose your own smartphone because you can use WhatsApp to locate it from any device. Waloc, on the other hand, only allows sharing locations on Whatsapp numbers that you have given permission to use in order to safeguard the user’s safety. You can get information about the Waloc user’s location, signal quality, battery percentage, and more by simply sending them a specific WhatsApp message.

Highlights of Waloc, one of the best GPS phone tracker apps: Optimized for longer battery life; only shows information about allowed WhatsApp numbers; you must customize the message to get the location. This free, without permission, phone tracker app is ideal for families worried about their children’s safety and whereabouts. The app serves as a constant watchdog for your family. You can share your location on the family map and receive notifications when you reach your destinations.

The app’s location history and other stats can also be viewed. In the event that your phone is stolen, you can also use it to track it. You can add zones to your maps and receive notifications about them. If you have friends who are curious about which app is best for tracking someone’s location, You can confidently recommend this app.

Notable features of Family Locator, the best iPhone location tracker app: Notifications when you reach a destination Zone-based tracking Create private groups Track stolen or lost devices Find My iPhone is one of the best iPhone location tracker apps that lets you find the devices signed into your iCloud account as well as the locations of your spouse, children, friends, and peers. Simply enable the family sharing feature on each iPhone for location tracking.

This genuine Apple Inc. app is the answer to your question if you frequently lose your iPhone and are looking for the best phone tracker app that can keep your phone in check.

You can play a sound on their mobile device if any person in your contact list does not have the location-sharing feature enabled. It is a free app that comes preinstalled on the iPhone. At the moment, it has three tabs: People, Devices, and Me. You can still use this iPhone location app to locate your Apple device even if it is offline.

Highlights of the best iPhone tracking app, Find My iPhone: Remotely erase a device’s settings and content; provide driving directions to the device’s location; display a battery charge indicator. Google Maps is unquestionably one of the best and most widely used family phone tracker apps for Android and iPhone devices. As a tracking application, it has become even more accurate and dependable thanks to the recent addition of the “share location” feature. It has a user-friendly interface and numerous customization options for real-time location tracking.

Additionally, the Google location tracking app stores and displays previous locations on the timeline. You can manage the sharing options and track traffic to work with the free app. You can choose, for instance, who will share the position and how long it will last. With all of these features, it’s a must-have for iPhone and Android users.

The best location-sharing app, Google Maps, has the following notable features: real-time ETAs and traffic conditions; ride-sharing with real-time transit information; automatic rerouting based on live traffic; indoor maps to quickly find your way; and more. If you want to know how to track a phone without the person in question knowing, particularly if they are your children or older members of the family who suffer from memory loss, the app you need is FamiSafe. Geo-fencing, smart parental control settings, app blocker and web filtering, location tracking, web filtering, screen time control, and emergency alerts are all features of Famisafe that you can take advantage of.

You can use geofencing to create your very own personalized mobile virtual safety zones, such as your child’s school or your grandparents’ clinic.

When your child or grandparent enters or leaves the zone, you’ll be notified. It is an excellent location tracker that provides you with stress-free updates about the loved one’s whereabouts. Famisafe is available for Android and iPhone with a free trial period of three days.




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