DataEye| Save Mobile Data

DataEye spares you versatile information and battery by giving you a chance to deal with your portable information traffic and helping you find the most recent Offers. Application based information utilization control implies there is not any more shrouded charges or information overwhelming foundation traffic. You appreciate the best versatile applications and sites with a significant serenity.

1) ACCESS AMAZING OFFERS – We spare you portable information and cash by expediting you extraordinary offers the most prominent applications.

2) KNOW WHERE YOUR DATA GOES – You have the right to know how your information is utilized, so we let you control it on an application by-application premise. Thusly you keep a greater amount of your portable information and cash.

3) EXTEND YOUR BATTERY LIFE – Unwanted foundation information depletes your telephone’s battery. By placing you accountable for your information use we fundamentally increment your telephone’s battery life.

4) GO GLOBAL – Data doesn’t remain neighborhood, so we make it simple to deal with your portable information, even while wandering.

With DataEye, you find an astounding universe of information free Apps lastly assume responsibility for your versatile information utilization!

*We are endeavoring to carry increasingly portable administrators installed with Offers. Your versatile administrator may not give any at present yet you can appreciate DataEye to spare portable information and broaden your battery life.

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