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When you discover that a crucial file has been deleted from your Android phone or tablet, it truly breaks your heart. That file might come in handy at work or remind you of happy times you can’t relive.

Whatever the circumstance, losing a file breaks your heart. Your Android or iOS device may have lost data due to accidental deletion, a lack of a backup, rooting errors, memory card malfunction, and other factors.

What will you do if you discover that a crucial file is missing from your phone? Is it possible to get it back?

Thankfully, Android data recovery software comes to the rescue at this point!

What are the workings of Android Data Recovery Software?
The problem here is that when a file is deleted, the data inside it are not completely deleted. Android thinks the file is missing and marks that space as empty. As a result, you are unable to view the file, and new files may occupy that space. You can call your file lost when the original files take up that space.

Utilizing the recycle bin won’t help you recover your data on the majority of Android phones. In the end, Android data recovery software will be able to retrieve your files. In order to locate recoverable data, the software can search the Android phone’s memory for pages marked with a zero.

The tool also reconstructs the recoverable data in a format that can be used. Additionally, it is recommended that data recovery software be used as soon as the file is deleted to increase the likelihood of data recovery.

Typically, data recovery involves three straightforward steps:

After successfully connecting the Android device to a PC with the recovery software installed, selecting the file type, and scanning, the following software can be used to recover data. Tenorshare UltData Tenorshare is one of the most widely used Android data recovery programs. It asserts that it has the highest success rate in the industry and is compatible with more than 6000 gadgets, including those from Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Huawei, among others.

Without having to root your phone, this software has made it simple to retrieve WhatsApp messages and photos that have been deleted. It can recover videos, voice, stickers, documents, and other data even if you do not have a backup. WhatsApp Tenorshare can recover any type of file from your internal memory, including important contacts, prized photos from the gallery, call records, and other files.

Broken screen caused by water damage to the operating system System root Data can be recovered from SD cards and internal memory. Inadvertent deletion: Before recovering the file, you can preview it. Because it is read-only and risk-free, this tool has no security risk of data loss or leakage.

iToolab RecoverGo can help you recover more than 11 types of data, including contacts, documents, call logs, videos, audios, messages, and message attachments.

RecoverGo makes it simple to restore deleted or lost Android data without requiring root access. It is compatible with the most recent Android 12 operating system and more than 6,000 gadgets from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, LG, HTC, Sony, Google, and others.

RecoverGo can immediately retrieve your phone’s data even if it is broken, stuck on the Android screen, you forgot your password, or you accidentally deleted data. This software allows you to locate deleted files on your SD card and internal memory. Additionally, previewing files prior to recovering them is a time- and memory-saving feature. Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery has a high success rate and is completely safe for recovering lost data from Android tablets and phones. It helps you find lost or deleted files like contacts, documents, call history, photos, and text messages. Using a USB cable, you can easily manage and backup your Android data on a Mac or Windows computer.

Android Data Recovery lets you recover all of your data, regardless of what happened—a system crash, an accidental deletion, a problem with your SD card, a forgotten password, or a rooting error—by recovering all of your data.

Video on YouTube In addition to recovery, your Android phone can be rebooted and your data backed up. It is powerful, user-friendly software that ensures a safe and quick recovery. Before restoring the files, you can preview all of the data to choose which data to retrieve.

Videos, messages, contacts, and other data can be recovered from broken Android devices using Apeaksoft. After previewing, connect your Android device using a USB cable and install the software on your computer. For a single PC, select a one-month or lifetime subscription. You can also use the lifetime service on three PCs with a multi-user license.

Video uploaded to YouTube by FonePaw Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF, RAR, and ZIP are all supported. No matter what caused the loss of your data—an accident, OS crash, SD issues, ROM flashing, virus, or anything else—it does not matter; They can all be restored by the software.

Software in the 2.3 to 9.0 range supports more than 6000 Android devices. The software also has backup and restore capabilities and features for extracting data from damaged Android phones.

Dr.fone claims to be the first company in the world to offer personal data recovery services with its dr.fone data recovery software. It has been the market leader for more than eight years and is compatible with more than 6000 Android devices. Even broken Samsung smartphones can have their files extracted.


For established telephones, this product can recuperate an assortment of record types, for example, music, instant messages, contacts, recordings, photographs, reports, and WhatsApp messages. Utilizing this apparatus, you can recuperate lost information from any circumstance, including coincidental erasure, framework crash, failed to remember passwords, issues with SD cards, establishing mistakes, ROM blazing, harms, dark screen, manufacturing plant reset, etc.

You can sweep and afterward review lost documents with the dr.fone answer for recuperate all or chose information with only a couple of snaps. It offers three recovery modes, to be explicit, internal limit, broken contraption, and SD cards.

iMyFone D-Back simplifies it to recuperate erased information from Android tablets and cell phones. Indeed, even broken telephones can be utilized to get them back. Call logs, messages, photographs, sound, recordings, contacts, archives, and WhatsApp information are totally upheld by this product, which is viable with various Android cell phones and document types.

WhatsApp can likewise be recuperated with dback iMyFone.

EaseUS is an easy to understand program that rapidly and successfully recuperates erased records like contacts, instant messages, recordings, photographs, reports, and sound. It is viable with in excess of 6000 Android gadgets, including OnePlus, Asus, Samsung, LG, Sony, and others.

At the point when information is lost because of inadvertent harm, infection assault, gadget disappointment, establishing, inappropriate gadget dealing with, SD card issues, and different causes, the product can recover records from SD cards and inner memory. Essentially interface your gadget, run an output for lost documents, and you can rapidly recover the records you need.

EaseUS shields information’s protection and security without overwriting it. Likewise, it gives lifetime free updates so you can exploit the latest form when it opens up. Furthermore, in the event that you experience any hardships, you can get free help from their specialized help.

You can review the recoverable information and channel the ones you need to check the nature of the recuperation documents ahead of time. Moreover, the product advises the gadget’s warning focus of recuperation results, permitting you to screen changes progressively.

DroidKit has the capacity of reestablishing erased information straightforwardly to your Android cell phone. It can help you in recovering information from locked or crashed gadgets.

WhatsApp information and connections are among the kinds of information that can be reestablished from your telephone by the product. DroiKit rapidly recuperates documents without expecting you to root your cell phone or tablet by using particular advancements grew explicitly for that stage.

Beside that, the product can save your gadget without losing any information when it is locked with an example, secret phrase, or unique finger impression. It can help you in bypassing the FRP lock on a pre-owned gadget. Each of this takes no specialized information by any means.

Circle Drill, previously known as Plate Drill, utilizes state of the art innovation to recover information from Android gadgets. It is free, simple to utilize, and can reestablish erased information that has been defiled or unintentionally erased.

This product can recuperate records, applications, music documents, recordings, information bases, messages, and different sorts of records. Subsequent to enacting the “Mass Capacity” mode, you should associate your Android gadget to your PC to recuperate information. Open the product presently, look for the missing documents, and afterward recover them. Be that as it may, in the event that your gadget doesn’t uphold this mode, root it first.

This product can recover information from Android tables and television boxes as well as your Android cell phone.

All in all, the facts really confirm that horrible information is an excruciating encounter, especially when you can’t stand to lose it for eternity. Be that as it may, it works out, worry don’t as well; You can reestablish the documents with the help of the Android information recuperation programming recorded previously. A compelling, safe, and speedier technique for recuperating lost documents is given by information recuperation programming, no matter what the Android gadget you are utilizing or the sort of record you have lost.

Before scanning, you can filter the type of lost files with this recovery software. Photos, videos, documents, emails, and other file types can be recovered.

Data can be recovered from external hard drives and hard drive disks with this tool. It also works with USB drives, memory cards, digital cameras, and other forms of storage.

There is a portable version of wise data recovery that helps you recover files without installing anything!

Download: MacOS 11 for Windows Screenshot of the software interface for iMobie Phone Rescue iMobie Phone Rescue is one of the best photo recovery apps for smartphones. You can use it to recover files from iOS and Android devices that have been deleted.

Up to 31 file formats are supported by this data recovery software. You can preview contacts, messages, documents, photos, and more with it.

PhoneRescue has a step-by-step wizard and an easy-to-use user interface. As a result, it is an excellent choice for novice users.

iMobie PhoneRescue does more than just recover files and photos. This software will also assist you in recovering your password if you forget it. It can also assist you in saving your device’s system in the event of a crash.

Download: iOS 12 for Android Screenshot of the Easy Digital Photo Recovery software interface Easy Digital is a great photo recovery program that can be downloaded for Windows. It can assist you in recovering deleted images from a flash disk, memory card, or hard drive.

An up-to-date algorithm is used in this data recovery tool. The software can recover files quickly and easily thanks to this. It can restore files that have been deleted or formatted.

You can use the parameters feature of Easy Digital Photo Recovery to narrow down your search. Additionally, it lets you preview the deleted photos prior to recovery.

One of the best photo recovery applications for Windows devices is Easy Digital Photo Recovery.

13 Windows Glarysoft File Recovery Free is an excellent photo recovery software. A screenshot of the software interface for Glarysoft File Recovery Free can be found here. It deals with a Windows working framework.

The software for recovering images is simple to use. It can assist you in permanently restoring deleted files in just two steps.

By scanning and previewing the lost files, it works. After that, it sorts them by file type, size, name, and creation date.

The software uses a deep recovery algorithm, which makes it more likely to succeed. It can also restore encrypted, compressed, or fragmented files.

There is a free and a paid version of this software for recovering photos. You can only restore a limited number of files with the free version.

Additionally, Glarysoft File Recovery provides professional support for no cost. Live chat and email allow you to reach a group of specialists at any time.

14 Windows Screenshot of the AnyRecover Data Recovery interface, a free photo recovery softwareAnyRecover is a Windows and macOS data recovery tool. You can recover files from USB drives, virtual disks, or hard drives with it. SD, microSD, and memory cards are a few other options.

This recovery software works by scanning your device deeply. Users can quickly and easily restore photos and files using its advanced search feature.

The software has an optimized algorithm and an easy-to-use interface. It is simple to use for both experienced and inexperienced users thanks to these features.

The free version of AnyRecover Data Recovery can restore up to eight files, regardless of their size, for free. Even though the free version has some restrictions, it’s a good tool for once.

Windows and MacOS Screenshot of the interface for iBoysoft Data Recovery Free, a free photo recovery software. iBoysoft Data Recovery Free is a Windows and macOS recovery software. You can use it to recover lost data from a PC, SD card, memory card, USB drive, or hard drive.

Over a thousand file types and formats can be restored using this data recovery tool. Emails, videos, audio, photos, and office files are just a few examples.

The software aids in the recovery of lost data following a virus attack, system crash, or partition loss. It also works if you are unsure of the cause of the data loss or deletion.

You can restore up to 1GB of data using this photo recovery software in three steps:

Choose a mode for recovery.
Select the drive you want to scan.
Click the Recover button to review and retrieve your deleted files.
The free version of the software makes it simple to choose a location. Before restoring the deleted files, you can preview them. In addition, it offers deep and quick scan options to suit a variety of requirements and circumstances.

MacOS 16 for Windows Screenshot of the interface for the free photo recovery software DiskDigger DiskDigger is a recovery program for Windows and Linux that can restore deleted photos and files. Floppy disks, memory cards, USB drives, and hard drives are all supported. Additionally, it assists you in retrieving files from damaged or corrupted CD-ROM and DVD media.

You can preview the lost data using this software prior to the recovery process. You can pause and resume the scanning process with ease.

There are two recovery moods in the software:

Dig Deep mode is a useful tool for dealing with recently deleted files. It works by previewing the lost files and scanning the file system. After that, it reverts to normal files.
Every sector on the disk is scanned in Dig Deeper mode, regardless of the file system. The completion of this procedure takes much longer. However, it is able to examine areas that a standard scan cannot.
Data cannot be recovered from iOS or Android devices using this photo recovery tool. However, there is a mobile photo recovery app called DiskDigger.

DiskDigger is user-friendly and compatible with both Windows and Linux.


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