Duplicate Contacts Remover

Copy Contacts Remover is the application which naturally filter, distinguish and erase copy contacts on your telephone.

We as a whole face issues when we purchase another telephone or moving starting with one record then onto the next internet based life account since all the web based life has matching up usefulness. This usefulness stores your everything contacts in to their social cloud for instance WhatsAap, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and so forth.

Contacts reinforcement and Contacts move can store and spared as .vcf, .csv and .content for your future reference. Furthermore, these reinforcement record can be shared by means of email.

You can take reinforcement of your contacts from SIM card, Phone memory, Google or some other online networking accounts which are connected to your telephone independently and exclusively.

At the point when you relocate to new telephone or new record besides then these internet based life get every one of your gets in touch with individually. Therefore your have perhaps four to multiple times a similar number, which makes hard to erase oe by one.

Copy contact merger recognize and those copy numbers consequently and allows you to keep just one duplicate of your number.

Copy contact remover is a basic application to manage your Duplicate Contacts Removal Problems and Best Contact Merger.

We treat contacts as preeminent need consequently we put away the erased copy contacts in .vcf document with the goal that it very well may be recuperated later.

Aides in recognizing, erasing and recoup the erased contacts.

It has Multiple highlights as beneath:

  • Duplicate Contact Detector: Scan your contacts and discover copy contacts.
  • Duplicate Contacts Remover: Remove the identified copy contacts and keep just a single indistinguishable duplicate of each number.
  • Recover Contacts: You can recoup the contacts which you have erased. Document is spare in Folder which you can add again to get erased contacts. The evacuated contacts are saved money on vcf document on sdcard.
  • Also permit to erase single or various contacts.

Reinforcement every one of your contacts as CSV, TEXT and VCF design

  • Import and Export every one of your contacts to various telephone
  • Share or spared reinforcement document in Gmail.


  • We don’t store any of clients data and contacts in any structure at all.

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