Empty Folders Cleaner

Disturbed with loads of void coordinators in your archive boss? Use this application.

Key Features

1) Multiple choices to delete void coordinators

2) Delete void coordinators from inside storage(No root required)

3) Delete void coordinators from outside limit/memory card(Root required for this part in a manner of speaking)

4) No notice

5) Scan for void coordinators in customer entered record

With a lone snap all the empty coordinators will be eradicated.

Choices to delete void coordinators

1) Show progress – get the headway of which report is being checked for void coordinators

2) Log deleted void envelopes – get the summary of all the empty coordinators eradicated

3) Scan ANDROID made envelopes – won’t eradicate void coordinators from the inventories/Android/data,/Android/obb,/LOST.DIR,/DCIM

Note: envelopes with “.nomedia” and other covered reports won’t be eradicated as they might be required by the structure or the application which has made it. Planner isn’t accountable for any issue made by this application. You use the application at your very own peril.

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