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Satire calls and phony calls are sporadically fun and even incidentally valuable. Parody considers make for incredible tricks around April Fool’s Day or during creepy seasons like Halloween. Also, counterfeit call applications can give you motivation to get up and leave a humiliating or abnormal circumstance. Despite the reasons, we can help! Here are the best satire call applications and phony call applications for Android!

Kindly note: we don’t underwrite spam calling, robo calling, or different exercises of faulty legitimateness. These applications are intended for one-off or periodic utilizations and not for taking part in an unlawful endeavor. If you don’t mind read the FCC governs here before utilizing any of these applications. This rundown is for instructive and diversion purposes as it were.


Counterfeit Caller ID

AvaNo’s Fake Call application

Counterfeit Me A Call



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Value: Free with in-application buys

Dingtone is a call and messaging application. It works principally as a subsequent line administration or as a modest call administration for individuals with Wifi. Notwithstanding, you can change your number reasonably effectively and you can procure free calls by watching promotions. In this way, you can put the incidental phony call in the event that you have to. This likewise capacities well for nothing messaging as long as you wouldn’t fret viewing the promotions. It is anything but a guest ID spoofer or anything like that. Notwithstanding, it’s speedy and simple to join so you can at present use it to have a fabulous time.

Counterfeit Caller ID

Value: Free with in-application buys

This application is one of only a handful not many not too bad satire call applications with a phony guest ID. It does what the name suggests. You make a call from your telephone and the other individual gets a phony number. The application likewise accompanies a couple of extra trick highlights, for example, a voice changer and a call recorder for sometime in the future. The application gives two phony calls for every day and you can purchase credits to include more. Notwithstanding, many individuals gripe that the application doesn’t convey credits upon buy so we suggest you stay with the free form until those issues get fixed.

Counterfeit Caller ID is a standout amongst other phony call applications for android

Counterfeit Call by QUC

Counterfeit Call by QUC is an application to parody call yourself. The application fakes a call on your gadget. You can utilize this to escape humiliating or awkward positions. You can redo the number, the name, and even the photograph of the phony guest. Some different highlights incorporate the aability to plan counterfeit calls, plan various calls, and you can even phony a content on the off chance that you need to. It flaunts best similarity with Samsung gadgets since that is the movement it utilizes, yet it ought to really work on most gadgets.


Counterfeit Me A Call

This application is a great deal like Fake Call by AvaNo. It lets you get a phony call from a contact of your decision. Once more, this is valuable for escaping abnormal or awkward circumstances or to simply play with your companions. The application lets you choose the number and photograph of the phony guest. You can likewise plan calls and even set a predefined ringtone to your phony guest. We like this one since it has a great deal of little increments that we very like. For example, it utilizes the vicinity sensor to decide whether the telephone is close to your face so it’ll turn the screen dull like your real dialer application would do. The master rendition is a ridiculous $10.99, yet in any case this is one of the great satire call applications.

Counterfeit Me A Call screen capture for the best satire call applications list


textPlus is a ton like Dingtone. You join, get a genuine telephone number, and use it to call and text individuals. It’s moderately simple to change your number if necessary for trick calls and you get a specific measure of free calls and messages each month. You can acquire more by watching promotions or by buying in to the administration for a month to month charge. This is one of the greatest and most regarded free call applications in the space and it worked fine in our own. The greater part of its highlights are for individuals who need an other telephone line as opposed to a joke line to meddle with individuals. In any case, you can discover voice changer applications and other such things somewhere else on the off chance that you need more stuff that way.

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