Floating Toolbox

Skimming ToolBox is application provider for you floating launcher to dispatch your most cherished applications wherever.

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✔ Add progressively 5 applications

✔ Drag the Toolbox image wherever on screen.

✔ Change Toolbox size.

✔ Start on boot

✔ Custom sort application thing direct on ToolBox.

✔ Change Color ToolBox

✔ Change floating image ToolBox(custom image which you need)

✔ Support Animation when open ToolBox

✔ Change the direct skimming image

✔ Change floating image concealing

[Guide User]

✔ Enable ToolBox to use.

✔ Select applications to add to Toolbox.

✔ Long Press Floating ToolBox to cover image and after you can exploit cautioning to exhibit it again

✔ Double Tap Floating ToolBox open continuous Task.

✔ Move floating image to wherever on the screen


✔ When application butchered. You should hold on for two or three second to application instate Service again and you can use it.


✔ To keep service(ToolBox won’t evaporate) when the application is butchered. You can check the part “Show see” setting default.

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