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On every Android device, the keyboard is probably the most frequently used app. However, not all Android keyboard apps are created equal. If you use the keyboard app that comes preinstalled, you may not have access to certain features.

The best Android keyboard apps are listed here. Each app on the list was created with a specific purpose in mind. Sometimes it’s more features and sometimes it’s a better user interface. Regardless, the keyboard app you’ve been looking for will undoubtedly be found. Most importantly, you can get out of the clunky keyboard app that your developer put in.

The GO Keyboard has a lot of features for customizing and using it for multiple purposes. First things first: you can use it for tap, swipe, emoji, and GIF keyboard input. Customizability from top to bottom is available with the GO Keyboard, which includes almost every feature found on conventional keyboards. For starters, you can choose from a huge selection of themes.

GO Keyboard The keyboard app also lets you import new fonts and fantasy fonts. GO Keyboard will make your texts more colorful when used in conjunction with a large number of GIFs and emoticons. With this one, you can always check out additional themes, brand-new language packs, and amusing sticker packs. A lot of people are using GO Keyboard as their daily driver because of these features.

Cons: Ads that are intrusive and bad for privacy. Go keyboard was found to be sending personal user data back to remote servers a few months ago.

The Decision: The GO Keyboard is not for everybody. It has a lot of options for customization, but you lose some useful stuff. For instance, based on our experience, its autocorrect and prediction are not very good. Therefore, GO Keyboard is a good option if you want the Water or Fire keyboard background and some pre-made GIFs.

SwiftKey combines the best text-based features with customizability and control. It has more accurate autocorrect and better predictive text options than other apps. It works by looking at how you typed in the past. It also has a lot of other features, like the ability to change the layout, resize, and have a clipboard built in. Its calendar integration and location support will delight you.

SwiftKey The user interface’s simplicity is my favorite feature of SwiftKey. The arrangement of all of these features is so perfect. You can use it to access all of these features with a single tap. SwiftKey, on the other hand, is an option if you’re looking for a straightforward keyboard with excellent predictive text support. Theme Support and language support are two more features of SwiftKey.

Pros: The verdict: SwiftKey is better at making predictions and learning new words and synchronizing them between devices. The SwiftKey keyboard should be your first choice if you struggle to type accurately. One of the best prediction and auto-correction engines we’ve seen is included in the app. The fact that it provides bilingual autocorrection and prediction is the best part. To use these features, you can swipe or tap. Additionally, it includes all of the features that a typical smartphone user today requires.

Fleksy is the world’s fastest keyboard, according to the SwiftKey Keyboard (free). That is what you heard. Even if you have fat fingers, you can text at a great rate with Fleksy. Fleksy is quite quick when compared to SwiftKey or GO Keyboard! To begin, it transforms into a keyboard with improved key travel and a variety of sizes, making it simple and easy to use. Standard features like support for GIFs and stickers are also possible.

Fleksy does not reject the entire customization concept. There are three keyboard sizes and 50+ colorful themes to choose from. Additionally, you can install or uninstall extensions based on the features you require. Regarding support, Fleksy is great because it works with more than 40 languages. Although some premium features are available, the Fleksy keyboard is generally free and safe for privacy.

The Decision: Fleksy Keyboard is for people who text a lot. Fleksy can be a comfort if you spend every day texting for hours. It does a really good job of speeding up typing because it supports gestures and makes accurate predictions. Fleksy is one of the best Android keyboards for everyone thanks to its customization options, theme support, GIF support, and sticker support.

A keyboard app that watches what you type is sometimes needed! One of the incredible options on the list is the Ginger Keyboard. Ginger Software provides a variety of grammar checking tools for a variety of platforms, in case you were unaware. This keyboard app also features the same grammar checking and correction algorithms.

Ginger Keyboard is a great option, even without the charm of grammatical correction. It fully supports emoji, GIF, and themes. When it comes to texting, you have the option of using the Swipe or Tap input. There are even a lot of games that you can play with a keyboard, like 2048 and Snake. Last but not least, Ginger’s main interface lets you translate and rephrase what you type.

The Decision: For Grammar Nazis, Ginger Keyboard is unquestionably the best option. Ginger will assist you in texting without grammatical or spelling errors, but you must be connected to the Internet in order to use it. Additionally, there is a Ginger page where you can utilize all of the language-improvement tools, including translation and rephrasing.

Sometimes you need more GIFs than Google Search can provide. You can rely on Chrooma Keyboard at that point. You don’t have to give up any other features just to make a GIF. In fact, Chrooma Keyboard is an Android keyboard app with sufficient customization options. The inclusion of a built-in proofreader is even better.

When it comes to the GIF collection, Chrooma Keyboard relies on GIPHY to provide you with the best selection. This is undoubtedly superior to Google search. You can either select one of the most popular GIFs or look for a new one. Additionally, we appreciated Chrooma Keyboard’s user-friendly design of all these features. So, use this one the next time you need more GIFs to text.

The Decision: Chrooma Keyboard is a great option if you need a standard Android keyboard with better GIF support. Other features, such as predictive text and autocorrect, will not be lost. Chrooma Keyboard simultaneously provides you with some of the best GIFs on the Internet. This app doesn’t have many stickers, which is one problem.

We don’t know how many of you code and program on Android devices. However, if this is the case, CodeBoard Keyboard is a fantastic keyboard app that we highly recommend. It’s a free Android keyboard with enough features for coding and a simple user interface. First of all, you shouldn’t expect to use the CodeBoard Keyboard in place of any of the other keyboards on the list.

The characters on the CodeBoard Keyboard are arranged in a way that meets the requirements of a typical coder. On top, all of the symbols, including short-codes and actions for the clipboard, are visible. Having said that, the keyboard’s size and color can be changed to fit your needs. Additionally, you can select between QWERTY and ASERTY on the CodeBoard Keyboard. The CodeBoard Keyboard is superior to the majority of other keyboards on the market.

The Decision: Not everyone prefers CodeBoard Keyboard as their Android keyboard. On the other hand, you can give it a shot if you enjoy coding on Android. You don’t have to worry about privacy concerns because it’s a free and open-source project. It’s easy to use and comes with standard customization options. If you have a smartphone with a large screen, we think you should give it a shot.

The Multiling O Keyboard’s size of about 500KB is quite surprising. Despite this, it has a remarkable number of features. Therefore, Multiling O Keyboard may be your salvation if you have a low-end Android device. It goes without saying that it will use very few resources from your device. The best part is that no features have to be sacrificed.

First and foremost, the fact that the Multiling O Keyboard supports more than 200 languages is excessive. It has excellent control and support for typing with gestures. Additionally, you have a choice between row-based layouts and conventional keyboard layouts. It simply indicates that this basic keyboard app also supports significant customization. You can even use various colors and themes depending on your purpose.

The Decision: In this case, we won’t generally recommend Multiling O Keyboard. On the other hand, this is a great option if your previous Android device is incapable of using any of the other keyboards. Except for the excellent prediction, you haven’t missed anything significant here. Using this app will also help you save some battery life, which is yet another benefit.

To put it simply, Gboard is the ideal Android keyboard app. It incorporates numerous features from the aforementioned applications. It has, for instance, a precise autocorrect and prediction. You can pick from a variety of themes with it. Additionally, Gboard has one of the best integrations with your Android phone and the data that you have stored there.

Gboard also has one of the best user interfaces by default. A few other features include a layout that can be changed and a one-handed mode. Additionally, the text prediction is not that bad. Another point is that Gboard works much better with Google Search and Google Voice Input. From the keyboard, you can bring Google Search and image results to any app.

Gboard Gboard’s support for GIFs and translations is satisfactory. One of the best collections of GIFs, Emoticons, and Stickers is included. The app is a great choice for the majority of users due to its multilingual autocorrect and support for multiple languages. Additionally, we appreciated its gesture support and simple options. For instance, you can move the cursor by sliding through the space bar.

Pros: In addition, unlike other keyboard applications, Gboard lets you move between texts by sliding the space bar and backspace swiping to delete an entire sentence.

The Decision: Gboard will be our choice for the best keyboard app for Android unless you have a specific need. As previously stated, it combines UI, performance, and customizability perfectly. Gboard is the only keyboard that better integrates with Android than anyone else. Overall, you have more good reasons to like Gboard than bad reasons.

Final thoughts: Best Android Keyboard Apps In this article, we looked at some of the best Android keyboard apps. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. In the end, it all comes down to what you need and how much time you are willing to devote to each keyboard in order for it to learn how you type.

Fleksy and GO Keyboard are options if you need specific features like faster typing or more customization. The category’s keyboards have been optimized for a specific purpose, which is excellent. Gboard, on the other hand, is our pick from the list if you want a comprehensive keyboard with all features. Programmers, rejoice! There is a keyboard just for you. We believe that we have provided you with enough options overall.


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