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Our own life is presently ended up in the cell phone we convey along in our pockets. We catch a huge number of photographs and recordings, which you might need to keep hidden. Yet, it’s conceivable that your telephone can inadvertently succumb to somebody’s hands or you may simply ignore it to a companion uninformed of their actual goals. All things considered, in the event that you are an Android client, you don’t need to stress, as there are a few extraordinary applications to stow away photographs and recordings on Android. All things considered, we’ve aggregated a rundown of the 10 best photographs and video hider applications on Android.

Here are the best applications that you can use to stow away photographs and recordings on your Android gadget. You can check the whole rundown by tapping on the chapter by chapter list underneath. You can tap on the name of an application to move its area in the article.

In the event that you’ve utilized an Android application to conceal your private photographs or recordings, you’d most likely known about KeepSafe Photo Vault. It’s been around for a long time is as yet one of the better applications to protect your media from others. The application has packed away enormous updates throughout the long term, making it cleaner and simple to-use by all. It gives you the typical PIN, example, and unique mark validation choices, post which it shows you a messiness free and sorted organizer lattice.

1. KeepSafe Photo VaultYou can bounce into any of these envelopes to add and secure your private photographs, recordings or individual IDs. You can make new envelopes of your own, share them with other KeepSafe clients and back up every one of them to their private cloud space.

KeepSafe brings along a huge load of cutting edge security highlights, for example, counterfeit login PINs, break-in cautions (where a selfie of the gatecrasher, alongside time and date of fruitless endeavors is logged), and masking the application with an alternate front-end by means of Secret Door. Yet, the entirety of the highlights are taken cover behind a paywall and I suggest you get it in case you’re truly hoping to ensure your private media.

There are numerous applications on the Play Store that permit you to cover up photographs and recordings, however they simply utilize the .nomedia expansion to make the media documents non-readable.

Yet, in the event that you utilize the 1Gallery application to stow away photographs and recordings, nobody can discover the media documents not even subsequent to getting root advantages. There are three secret word modes accessible including Pin, Pattern, and Fingerprint to cover up your photographs and recordings.

Other than that, the explanation I am referencing this application so high on this rundown is a result of its lovely UI. The application is planned faultlessly well and looks current with another plan and way to deal with client experience.

As far as highlights as well, there is dim mode, support for various record designs like RAW and SVG, search the executives, video and photograph supervisor and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With everything taken into account, on the off chance that you are searching for the best application to cover up photographs and recordings, I would suggest 1Gallery for its encoded vault, lovely plan and across the board approach.

Among the entire parcel, this was my #1 pick for guarding my photographs and recordings against the intrusive group. Called LockMyPix, this appropriately named application is intended to give the most secure photograph vault to ensuring individual all your media documents. It is supported by a military-grade AES encryption standard, bolting your documents behind a PIN or example.

It delivers an instinctive client experience, empowering you to encode your photographs/recordings straightforwardly from the homescreen of the application. The extra highlights permit you to open the application utilizing your unique mark, shake the gadget to bolt the vault and even stow away LockMyPix from the application cabinet.

The lively on top being that you can’t screen capture the application when it’s opened, which presently likewise adds to the protection and security of your substance. While the free form offers you a large group of functionalities, you additionally get the alternative to set up counterfeit login certifications in the Pro variation.

This component will prove to be useful when somebody is irritating you to open the application yet you can give them admittance to an optional vault with a phony PIN. The solitary downside of this application is that you can’t reinforcement private photographs/recordings to the cloud.

Adding machine is a special application in this rundown that is intended to act and look as a Calculator application, yet at its core, the application has a protected vault taken cover behind. Fundamentally, assuming your loved ones utilize your cell phone consistently, you can utilize the Calculator application to stow away photographs and recordings without giving any feeling that you are concealing something.

You can set a numeric PIN which you should enter in the Calculator and press the “=” key to open the mysterious vault. Also, best of all, the media content is scrambled utilizing the AES calculation so you are all around arranged on the security front as well.

Coming to highlights, you have something many refer to as Intruder Selfie which permits the application to take selfies of clients who attempt to get to the mysterious vault. Other than that, you can set up a phony vault too on the off chance that somebody compels you to open the mysterious vault.

Another extraordinary component you get with this application is that you can shake the cell phone to briskly close the application and cover up photographs and recordings. Generally, Calculator by FishingNet is loaded with highlights that can gigantically help you cover up photographs and recordings from intrusive eyes.

Vaulty is one more notable and solid photograph/video stowing away applications, which may look a slight bit dated yet plays out its work entirely fine. You can essentially bounce into the application, select the media documents you need to stow away from the exhibition and secret key shield it from the external world.The feature of Vaulty is that it catches “mugshots” of interlopers, who attempt to get to your vault yet neglect to enter the right secret phrase.

You will right away realize who attempted to intercede in your private space, the second you open the application. This component is accessible for nothing to all clients, which is unquestionably an or more. You additionally get the usefulness to make numerous vaults, with discrete passwords, to store various sorts of photographs or recordings in every one. You’ll, notwithstanding, need to move up to the Premier membership on the off chance that you need to reinforcement your documents to the cloud or eliminate promotions from the application.

With near 5 million introduces taken care of, Hide Something is quite possibly the most difficulty free applications for stowing away photographs and recordings on your Android gadget. You can shield your records from curious clients through PIN, secret key, or the unique finger impression sensor. The way toward moving new photographs or recordings to the ‘imperceptible’ organizer is pretty much as straightforward as imparting a document to the Hide Something application.

You additionally gain admittance to a smaller than expected assortment of delightful topics, support for an assortment of media record types, a high level picture watcher and phony login mode to additionally ensure your security. Shroud Something is additionally specific about not being distinguished, so it doesn’t appear in the ‘as of late utilized’ list.

In any case, the element that takes the cake for me is that the application backs-up the entirety of your private media records to Google Drive and makes it feasible for you to peruse them with the work area program. This works on the way toward filtering through and getting to photographs or recordings for the end client.

Not at all like the majority of the applications referenced on this rundown, Google Files is definitely not an undeniable vault application. In any case, Google as of late added an advantageous Safe envelope to help you shroud your delicate archives, pictures, recordings, and sound documents. You’ll track down the Safe organizer in the Collections segment of the Browse tab.

google records safe envelope

You can safely keep your delicate records by setting a 4 digit PIN code. All things considered, do remember that you don’t have a secret key reset system on the off chance that you fail to remember the PIN. In case you’re intrigued, remember to look at our committed guide on empowering and utilizing safe envelope in Google Files application.

Sgallery is another amazing vault application that you should look at on the off chance that you need to shroud pictures and recordings. The application uses AES encryption calculation to encode the documents. You additionally get more highlights including unique finger impression open, shake to close, gatecrasher selfie, counterfeit secret key, time PIN, and custom backdrop with the superior membership.


Another slick component of Sgallery is that you can mask it as a mini-computer or converter. Thusly, others will not know whether you have covered up documents. You likewise get an underlying internet browser and scratch pad for securely perusing and putting away messages. Likewise, the application requests that you set a secret key recuperation question in the event that you fail to remember your secret word later on, which is a slick expansion that could prove to be useful.


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