Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

Ever expected to give another Android customer a hand? Inkwire lets you viably share your screen to another Android customer. With just a few ticks, you can request to see another customer’s Android. Whenever related, you can on the other hand start a voice talk, and draw in on their screen to oversee them through their issue.
Incredible for:

  • Helping loved ones out with telephone inconveniences
  • Customer support for Android applications

Remote Support

You can without much of a stretch help your companion or family to comprehend cell phone issue through Remote Support.

*This capacity needs AirDroid Remote Support introduced on the opposite end.


Snappy Connection by 9-digit Connection Code

No record is required, your companion or family can associate with you basically by their 9-digit Connection Code.

Screen Sharing

Send the screen imparting solicitation to one tap, and you can see the gadget screen progressively.

Voice Call

AirMirror gives unmistakable voice correspondence, you can just call and talk, sparing time for messaging.

Instructional exercise Gesture

Swipe or tap on the mutual screen, the Tutorial Gesture will appear on your companion or familyˇs gadget. Pursue to effectively take care of the issue.

Voice Message and Text

On the off chance that you are under an encompassing not appropriate for making a call, you can in any case impart through sending writings, pictures and voice messages.

Remote Control

AirMirror satisfy the objective to control one Android telephone with another telephone.

*This capacity needs AirDroid introduced on the opposite end, and sign in with a similar email account.

You can apply AirMirror with the accompanying capacity:

Remote Control

Straightforwardly control another telephone/tablet, do whatever you like, regardless of where this gadget is.

*If the controlled gadget isn’t established, it is required to process non-root setting through AirDroid PC heretofore.

Remote Camera

Access another phoneˇs see from either front camera or back camera. You can put this telephone as a family surveillance camera, guarding your familyˇs wellbeing.

Perception Mode

Check your deviceˇs screen whenever continuously.

*If you need to control Android gadget through PC, you can utilize AirDroid PC.

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