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Greenify has always been regarded as one of the best Android battery-saving applications by those who are familiar with it.Greenify’s ability to force hibernate running applications from the background is a ground-breaking feature that was at the time exclusive to the platform.

The majority of users are unaware that our Android devices are not particularly resource-efficient.In addition to bloatware, this refers to the mobile operating system’s inability to carefully manage running applications from the background, which, if left alone, would continue to hog any available resource, resulting in a cumbersome experience that we refer to as “lag.”

No matter how capable your phone is, when “lag” occurs, its actual specifications would have little impact.For instance, what good is having 3GB or more of RAM if the majority of its free space is taken up by apps that aren’t being used?When the actual workload is not optimized, capacity has no value.

Smartphone-battery This may be one of the Android operating system’s major flaws, which the developers failed to address even in subsequent versions of the software.On the other hand, the same flaw is what made an app like Greenify so important, even for the average user who isn’t as careful.

Even though Greenify is fantastic, it is not the only app of its kind available for Android.If you look in the Google Play Store, you can find a lot of other apps that save battery life. Each one has a feature that is probably on par with Greenify.

Today, we look at the best battery apps on the Google Play Store that don’t compete with Greenify (in no particular order).

Related Get rid of unwanted apps to free up space on your Android smartphone Top Android apps for deleting duplicate and blurry photos Kaspersky-Battery-Life-NoypiGeeks Kaspersky Battery Life Kaspersky is a brand that most people are familiar with when it comes to personal computers because of its amazing line of anti-virus suites that have been protecting our computers.The Kaspersky Battery Life is born, bringing its software engineering prowess to the Android platform. It mimics the best features that set Greenify apart from the competition, including the ability to kill background processes that are not really needed and even freeze apps at will.

Brevent-Android-App-NoypiGeeks Brevent is a great option if you’re looking for a hands-on app with features similar to those of Greenify because it strictly monitors background apps.Brevent is cleverly designed to kill any program that meets the aforementioned conditions, in contrast to other applications whose design is to tolerate the running of background processes without any live activity.

This app is really useful for keeping apps that drain battery from running, which helps keep the phone’s battery charged for as long as possible.
Ice-Box-App-Freezer-NoypiGeeks Ice Box Ice Box has the ability to prevent unwanted applications from running in the background, similar to how an actual ice box keeps everything cold inside. Based on its name, Ice Box should be pretty clear about what it does.In the context of Android,

this entails freezing particular applications to prevent the user from running them unintentionally and save the phone’s battery life.
Ice Box gives you a good overview of how much phone resources each app uses, which is another big advantage.Ice Box, like Greenify, is compatible with both rooted and unrooted devices, though some features may differ between the two.

Servicely: Another Battery-Saving App from NoypiGeeks Servicely Servicely is another battery-saving app that is similar to Greenify in its most important function, which is the ability to control which apps can run in the background and which cannot.

However, in contrast to the majority of the apps on the list, Servicely can only be used on a rooted device, implying that a non-rooted device has severely limited access to the phone’s resources.
Hibernator-Save-Battery-NoypiGeeks Hibernator Hibernator is a similar app to Greenify in that it can force active background processes into “hibernation mode” based on the user’s instructions.

However, just like the idea that hibernation is not always permanent, processes that are put to sleep eventually come back to life after a certain amount of time has passed.Lastly, it is compatible with Android devices that are either rooted or not.

So, there you have it: the top five Android battery-saving applications, including Greenify.Send us a message in the comment section below if you have any questions or suggestions.

At the moment, Android is the most widely used mobile operating system.Android offers users more customization options and features than any other mobile operating system.In addition, Android is well-known for its extensive app ecosystem.

Observe the Google Play Store;There, you’ll find applications for every conceivable use.Most of the time, we put 30 to 40 apps on our smartphones, but we don’t uninstall them after we use them.Installing apps is fine, but some of them run silently in the background and drain battery life.

Apps that use a lot of battery should be uninstalled or forced to shut down in order to solve battery drain issues.The Hibernates APPs help with this.Find and save less important Android smartphone processes and apps quickly.Users, on the other hand, are looking for Greenify’s alternatives and want to know What Does Hibernate Apps Mean?

A list of the top ten Android apps that are similar to Greenify In this article, we will discuss some of the best Android alternatives to Greenify.

One of the best Greenify alternatives currently available is Brevent It.Brevent’s dark theme and ability to freeze background-running applications are its best features.It is a little different from Greenify in that it shuts down an app automatically whenever it finds one running in the background with no activity.

Maintenance Servicely is the best Greenify alternative and the most widely used one.The app simply hibernates all apps that consume resources and is fairly simple to use.However, root access is required for the app sleep feature to function.The app can’t be used on Android devices that don’t have root access.There is also a feature that stops apps from running in the background (without forcing the computer to shut down).

Well, Ice Box, like Greenify, is compatible with both rooted and unrooted Android devices.Ice Box’s best feature is that it lets users freeze and store apps they rarely use.IceBox also displays a comprehensive description of each application’s resource consumption.

Hibernation is an app that, as the name suggests, can be used to freeze running applications for a predetermined amount of time.The app has additional tools to speed up your Android device and is very similar to Greenify.The fact that Hibernator can shut down all running applications, background services, etc. on both rooted and unrooted Android devices is its best feature.

Battery life with Kaspersky The best feature of Kaspersky Battery Life is that it effectively terminates the background process, extending battery life.In addition, Kaspersky Battery Life gives users the ability to freeze applications that they are not using.

As a result, Kaspersky Battery Life is yet another excellent Android power-saving application that can be utilized right now.
Droid Optimizer Compared to the other apps in the article, Droid Optimizer is a little different.You can manage installed apps, quickly terminate foreground and background apps, clear the system cache, delete junk files, automate the process of cleaning junk files, and more with Droid Optimizer.

The application does not display any advertisements and is completely free.You can use your rooted device to its full potential.
As the name suggests, Hibernation Manager lets users select applications that use up battery power when the device is in hibernation mode.The processor hibernation feature, which automatically sets the processor to the lowest possible frequency and voltage to ensure better battery savings, can also be used on rooted devices.
AirFrozen is a new battery-saving app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

It also temporarily freezes apps, like Greenify.The predefined functions of AirFrozen are what set it apart from other games.

The app can be configured to free apps when the screen is locked, force stop apps, freeze when you quit the app, and freeze in the background.

The app is lightweight and installs in less than 1 MB of space on your smartphone.
Hibernate is still one of the best Android applications for putting selected apps or background processes into hibernation, despite its low popularity.

The app’s user interface appears to be out of date, but it makes the app very simple to use.It scans all background processes and displays a list of them on its own.

The application temporarily blocks processes but does not kill any of them.
Doze off is different in that it stops processes and apps from running when the phone is off and the screen is turned off.Therefore, the Android Doze app will wake up your apps and settings whenever you use your phone again.
These are the best Android apps, like Greenify, that can help you get more juice out of your battery.Please indicate the name of any other apps that are comparable to these in the box provided below.I hope this article has been of use to you!Also, tell your friends about it.


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