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Concur the standard screen lock of Android-gadget can rapidly get exhausted. Would you like to improve it with wonderful backdrop, utilize better approaches to open and add usefulness to it? A great deal of uses from Google Play come to help, the main 17 of which we will consider in this article.

Fireflies lock screen

Fireflies lock screenFireflies application is an ideal device which has a lot of captivating enlivened backdrops. The offered backdrops have the impact of blazing fireflies drifting on the showcase. In this way, change the appearance of the lock screen of your gadget! To ensure the cell phone, the client will have the option to set a pin or example.

The primary highlights. The lock screen shows a clock, a battery marker demonstrating the battery status in percent, and a gadget that you can pick in the settings and the camera enactment button. You can pick the foundation picture for the lock screen from a lot of backdrop or from your own exhibition. Additionally, the backdrop underpins sound when opening and insurance as a 4-digit pin code.

In the settings, you can kill on/the application, framework lock screen, flying lights, change the backdrop, open heading, select applications which notices will be shown on the screen, and set a sound while opening and ensure the gadget with a secret phrase. Fireflies lock screen is a delightful, helpful, and maximally enlightening lock screen that will satisfy each client who cherishes wonderful scenes and convenience.

DIY Locker – DIY Photo

DIY Locker – DIY Photo logoDIY Locker – DIY Photo is an uncommon application for locking the screen with an immense arrangement of pictures.

It’s an advantageous and valuable application that permits you to set your lock screen with a polished picture, secret phrase, or a realistic key.

Start the application, select the lock strategy, select the foundation picture in HD goal, and set the secret key. What’s more, you will have the option to put on the lock screen: climate, takes note of, some significant occasions, a news channel, etc.

DIY Locker – DIY Photo

DIY Locker – DIY Photo is a genuinely straightforward application, which isn’t hard to comprehend. For some individuals, the very cycle of making a lock example will be a delight, in light of the fact that the designers have presented in the program numerous apparatuses for creation.

Screen Off and Lock

Screen Off and Lock Screen Off and Lock – a program that permits you to immediately bolt the screen of your gadget with a little catch on the screen, without turning to a mechanical catch. Tapping on the name is joined by excellent liveliness and audio cues.

You can put this catch anyplace on the screen – any place you feel great. Actually, this virtual catch plays out a similar capacity as the physical on/off catch of the gadget.


Various sizes of gadgets

Doesn’t influence the battery power

Wonderful interface

Simple arrangement

Capacity to kill movement

Screen Off and Lock is a basic application that can be particularly valuable when the force catch of the cell phone is excessively touchy or broken.

dodol storage

dodol lockerThe Dodol Locker application is the brilliant mean in the event that you think about the proportion of plan usefulness.

The lock screen is planned very moderate, what is an enormous in addition to. The current month, a day of the week, date, time, just as the current climate gauge for your city (the city is resolved consequently) is demonstrated in the upper left corner. From the base, you can likewise see a humble battery pointer and the engraving “Open”.

Likewise, here, there is a catch with gadgets of the application, yet it isn’t accessible in each topic. To go to the application menu, click the in addition to sign at the upper right of the screen. In the menu, you can go to the online store, where topics are accessible for nothing download. Go to the “My subjects” area to see the topics previously introduced, and furthermore have the occasion to see the backdrop, design the underlying gadgets and go to the application settings.

In the settings, you can kill on/the application, lock the home catch, impair the framework lock, arrange extra safety efforts, shroud the status bar, etc. We should summarize: Dodol Locker is a wonderful, trendy and helpful screen storage, which will speak to all admirers of moderation, just as beginners to change the subjects like gloves.

Howdy Locker

Howdy LockerHi Locker is an elective lock screen for Android from the AppPlus studio.

A significant segment of Hi Locker is that the appearance and usefulness of the screen are made in the way of the official arrangement on the Android. This implies that the application will impeccably blend with the stage and will offer a few extra highlights.

Thus, the lock screen contains a clock gadget, climate and date information, just as a natural region for showing notices. Messages from applications are shown as cards that can be opened or shut with basic motions. Beneath there is a little spot. At the point when you click on it a little board shows up, where you can set 4 most loved applications for snappy access.

Swipe to one side will open a subsequent screen, which will be helpful for the individuals who are familiar with entering all their business on the schedule. All sections in the sequential request are shown as strings. With respect to the extra settings, you can likewise set the programmed difference in backdrop, change the presence of the extra board and some different boundaries.

All in all, Hi Locker looks extremely snazzy and, as referenced above, won’t ruin the presence of the working framework. Augmentations will permit you to see all your business without opening, just as get brisk admittance to the projects you need. For an extra charge, it is offered to purchase a serious bundle of settings for greatest customization.

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