Morphin – Gif Maker & Editor

Morphin gives you a chance to invade your most loved GIFs and take the spotlight.

Everything necessary is a selfie to supplant Obama in the mic drop heard round the world, or toast your companions like you’re the Great Gatsby.

Dissimilar to different applications that simply glue your picture onto a current GIF, Morphin utilizes CGI innovation to completely reproduce your resemblance. The visual contrast is outrageous.

Let your adjust conscience go wild. Simple to make, simple to share.


  • Your CGI change self image looks simply like you. No awkward customization of face or body. Not at all like face swap applications or a face-in-opening applications, you get the chance to keep your own hair and your own skintone!
  • Shock your companions with special Reaction GIFs and capture everyone’s attention in gathering talks!
  • Simply inscription your GIF manifestations in-application
  • Capture your companions’ appearances and shock them later with the privilege GIF at the privilege moment.Priceless!
  • Share your GIFs on Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger and some more!
  • Use our GIF Editor to include your very own instant message your GIFs
  • No watermark 💯

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