MyAppSharer let you to simple offer your applications to your companions or reinforcement, you can share by connection of Google play or straightforwardly share APK (App’s full bundle).

MyAppSharer bolster numerous strategy to share your applications, you can share by message, Gmail, bluetooth, what’s application, facebook, QR-Code, Dropbox and so forth..

By utilizing the element to send out APK to SD card, you could reinforcement your application to your SD card.

MyAppSharer additionally bolster share various applications one after another, and bolster moment search, simple to discover your applications.

Here is a demo video for sharing apk between gadgets.

Much obliged “Flo WolfOne” give the video.

Nexus contraptions couldn’t get APK through Bluetooth, to workaround this issue, if its all the same to you use “Android Beam” or “Bluetooth


  1. You can introduce “Standardized identification scanner” to help offer connection by QR-Code.
  2. Introduce “Dropbox” to help share APK to Dropbox.
  3. On the off chance that you like the application, you could give the application from settings menu to evacuate Ad.

Disclaimer: Before offer APK, if you don’t mind ensure you have the redistribution right.

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