Partial Screen

In the event that you have a wrecked, harmed or flawed show where show up a wide range of unintentional, irregular, subjective, self, apparition … be that as it may, no different undesirable touch.

At that point this program can assist you with obstructing the touch in those pieces of the screen where they show up.

By obstructing the touch, it implies capturing a wide range of contacts and signals in the predefined zone.

There are two kinds of including zones with locking of touch – programmed and manual modes.

After the programmed screen investigation running, all contacts are caught for the built up time interim to recognize the lock zones. (Try not to TOUCH THE SCREEN DURING ANALYSIS RUNNING!)

At the point when examination finished, the captured snaps are broke down, limited and consolidated into zones with blocked contacts.

In manual mode, you have to include the fundamental lock region yourself. Pick “include manual locale” and spot the zone of the ideal size on to the screen.

It is likewise conceivable in the touch indicator to follow those pieces of the screen where unconstrained contacts happen.

At the highest point of the screen, there are initial two state switches for the two sorts of blocking. Empower both on the off chance that you use zones included via programmed and manual mode.

In the territory administrator you can: select dynamic/inert territories, change the shading, measure and position of the region, erase the pointless ones.

Additionally accessible capacity of adjusting the sides of the screen, in the settings it is conceivable to pick the shading and sweep. Included adjusted corners of the screen are shown over every single imaginable component.

The air pocket mode enables you to bolt the whole screen by twofold tap on the marker. The pointer is shown over all view and can be put in any piece of the screen.

FOR SUBSCRIBERS, propelled usefulness is accessible:

  • altering zones in the director;
  • the full cover zone mode (over all components, for adaptations lower Android 8.0);
  • auto start administration at control on;
  • change the straightforwardness all things considered;
  • the most extreme check of zones is half more;
  • contact locator for distinguishing harmed zones;
  • bubble screen square mode;
  • preload mode, for load blocked zones from a nearby document;
  • adjusted corners of the screen.

Notice: full cover, are not upheld for Android 8.0 and higher adaptations!

A short video audit will assist you with understanding the activity of the program better:

Extra materials: screen

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For Samsung gadget: To avoid the application stoped without anyone else’s input:

Framework Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored applications > Add applications > checked Partial Screen

For Oppo gadget: To avoid the application stoped without anyone else’s input:

Security Center > Battery > Enable Smart power-sparing mode > Power-sparing application control and the executives > Add applications > checked Partial Screen

For Xiaomi cell phone: need physically award “Draw over different applications” consent (Go to Setting > Installed applications > Partial Screen > Permission director > Display spring up window > “Permit”)

To avoid the application turn off when clear RAM: Go to Security Tab > Permission > Auto-start the executives > Add auto-start applications, checked Partial Screen


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