Pause it

Interruption It is the clench hand application that let you leave whatsapp without web availability where all different applications of your devide works the equivalent with web.

With Pause It you can mood killer whatsapp at whatever point you feel Whatsapp messages are exasperating excessively and you dont even need to turn wifi/versatile information off.

Significant: Make sure whatsapp isn’t running out of sight.

You can watch your preferred recordings on youtube without Whatsapp messages irritating you as Whatsapp is having no web association.

You can tune in to music, use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Watch motion pictures, and so forth and you will have total satisfaction in your decision without Whatsapp diversion.

Having a date with your cherished one,with family or at office meeting where you need inetenet however no Whatsapp messages so simply use Pause It. Also, Whatsapp won’t cause you any more bothering to you.

We are simply taking Whatsapp out from web so you dont need to mood killer wifi/versatile information.

Indeed its conceivable with Pause It now.

If you don’t mind give the application 5 star.have fun with Pause It.

Significant: Pause It is made by us,and it’s anything but an authority Whatsapp application and not related with Whatsapp Inc.

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