We’ll list a few Android WiFi apps that can find intruders if you think your WiFi connection is slow because someone else is using it without your permission. So, let’s take a look at some of the best WiFi checker apps for Android.

Well, the internet has unquestionably entered our lives. All of this is because more people are using smartphones and other devices that connect to the internet. In today’s world, having a WiFi connection is now a requirement.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the ten best apps for blocking WiFi-connected devices.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the top Android apps for determining who is connected to my WiFi.

1. An Android app called WiFi Monitor can assist you in analyzing your WiFi network. It is able to scan your WiFi network and display information such as signal strength, frequency, connection speed, and so on.

Additionally, it has a feature that searches for and locates all WiFi-connected devices. WiFi Monitor is an excellent monitoring application that can assist you in locating WiFi-connected devices.

2. Although WiFi Tools aren’t very common, they still include tools to boost network performance and locate WiFi-connected devices. It provides you with additional useful tools like PING, LAN Scanner, Port Scanner, DNS Lookup, Traceroute, and others in addition to locating devices connected to your WiFi.

The UI of WiFi Devices is lightweight, however with next to no earlier information, you will find this application convoluted to utilize.

3. The Android app Router Admin Setup is responsible for configuring and managing your WiFi router’s settings. Therefore, you can control your router with this application regardless of the model.

The fact that Router Admin Setup includes numerous tools for managing, controlling, and configuring any router is even more significant. You can quickly identify who is connected to your device with this application.

4. On the Google Play Store, WiFiman WiFiman is one of the best network scanner applications. You can easily run a download/upload speed test, find Bluetooth and WiFi networks that are available, scan network subnets for additional information, and more with WiFiman.

The app is well-known for its robust network analysis and WiFi speed testing capabilities. This is a fantastic app for finding other WiFi-connected devices.

5. One of the best WiFi analyzer apps on the Google Play Store is Fing-Network Tools. Fing-Network Tools The best feature of Fing-Network Tools is that it lets users search for connected devices across the entire WiFi network.

The app can help you get the best IP, MAC, device name, model, vendor, and manufacturer recognition possible.

6. If you’re looking for an Android app that can help you get a complete and clear picture of the state of your network, IP ToolsIP Tools might be the best option. What’s this? IP Tools has a powerful WiFi analyzer that can scan your WiFi network and locate connected devices.

In addition, IP Tools displays all relevant information about the connected device, including its IP address, MAC address, and device name.

7. One of the most advanced WiFi apps you can have on your Android smartphone is Network Scanner. Network Scanner Network Scanner not only scans and displays WiFi-connected devices, but it also displays suspicious vulnerabilities or security issues on the network.

Additionally, Network Scanner provides advanced tools for Wake on Lan, Ping, Traceroute, and other functions. The best Android WiFi scanning app available today comes with an excellent user interface.

8. WiFi Thief Detector WiFi Thief DetectorIf you’re looking for an Android app that can identify WiFi-connected devices, give WiFi Thief Detector a shot. Users can use it as a network scanner app to find WiFi-connected devices.

The WiFi Thief Detector also displays important information about connected devices, such as their IP addresses, MAC IDs, vendor lists, and other details.

9. Who is on my WiFi is an Android app that, as the name suggests, can assist you in locating devices connected to the WiFi network.

The fact that Who is on my WiFi also provides settings for popular routers like D-Link, TP-Link, and others is the best feature. Therefore, once the unidentified device is discovered, you can easily block it using the app itself.

10. WiFi Inspector WiFi Inspector is yet another excellent and simple-to-use Android network scanner that can view all connected devices. In addition, the app provides comprehensive information about connected devices, such as their IP addresses, manufacturers, device names, MAC addresses, and so on.

The app is now used by millions of people and is the best network scanner app for Android.

So, which Android apps are best for determining who is connected to my WiFi? With these free Android apps, you’ll be able to find and fix many wifi-related issues in addition to connected devices.


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