Proximity Actions

“Vicinity Actions” is a little, imaginative and exceptionally helpful utility, permitting you to perform different activities utilizing the closeness sensor of your gadget.

Clients of Advanced Screen Control would perceive a portion of the usefulness and would see the value in the cleaner UI and the extra elements. This is a continuation of my endeavors identified with the vicinity sensor usage.

Utilized terms:

“Wave” signifies to wave (or slide) your hand (or finger) intently before the vicinity sensor of your gadget, as per the picked settings.

“Hold” signifies to impede the nearness sensor and straightaway delivery it in the wake of feeling the vibration.

Significant: Using this application requires some degree of specialized mindfulness and comprehension of what the vicinity sensor is, the place where it is and how it functions! Ensure you painstakingly read the this application depiction and each of the in-application choices’ portrayal before use!

Key elements:

✔ Lock the gadget;

✔ Wake up and alternatively open the gadget;

✔ Toggle Auto-Rotation On/Off;

✔ Change the screen direction, without delivering the direction lock (Android 3.0 and up);

✔ Launch any application;

✔ Launch any alternate way (direct dial, direct message, and so on);

✔ Toggle the LED light On/Off (if accessible).

✔ Home screen easy routes for beginning or halting assistance (can be utilized with Tasker)

DISCLAIMER: Some gadgets appear to have more slow closeness sensors so you would need to change the settings and wave more slow, however the application chips away at each gadget with working nearness sensor.

Reach me assuming you need to help decipher or fix an interpretation!

The application barely utilize any battery power. You shouldn’t see it in the measurements.

Divulgence: This application utilizes the Device Admin authorization. To uninstall – utilize the “Uninstall” choice in the application!

No close to home data is gathered or potentially sent at all!


I truly like all the help and acclaims from every one of you, yet tragically I was unable to stand to create and keep up with the application under the underlying adaptation framework. It is an overall quite valuable application, I invested generous measure of energy and exertion exploring and creating it and I might want to continue to do that. I trust enough of you would find the application sufficiently commendable to help my endeavors. Much obliged to you!


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