SIM Information System

What number of Sims gave on your CNIC? this site is easy Just by entering CNIC Number NADRA to find irrefutably the quantity of SIMs enrolled against your CNIC.

Enter your CNIC Number and will uncover to you precise number of SIMS gave on your CNIC .

If the amount of SIM Cards are more than you are using, Kindly contact the Customer Service Center of the Respective Cellular Company.

Be cautious with SIM Cloning – Is Someone else using your cell number? It is extraordinarily basic to keep the record of all the SIMs gave on your CNIC, anyway this structure can’t uncover to you the numbers yet supports the amount of SIMs.

The SIM Card gave on your CNIC might be in wrong hands, so don’t delay and spread this to your friends and family additionally to check what number of SIMs are given.

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