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The use of specialized, third-party marketing apps has decreased as a result of Facebook’s changes to fan pages, particularly the switch to Timeline. However, this does not mean that these apps are no longer available. Many of them provide promotional opportunities that are not available on Facebook’s own platform.

I’ll show you 13 new apps from seven different companies that are worth your time in this article.

1. Heyo is the new name for the Lujure Lujure brand.
Heyo is the new brand that has replaced Lujure.

One of the most widely used Facebook Page marketing applications is Lujure. However, the most significant shift in the company’s history occurred recently when it switched from being a provider of Facebook Page apps to one that offers mobile apps and a website-building tool. Additionally, the business changed its name to Heyo from Lujure.

Heyo Social The fan page builder, which is now known as Heyo Social, remains the core of the new platform and provides content for the website and mobile app.

The owners of a page have a choice between custom or template-driven options. Additionally, the company provides more than 30 widgets, such as contests, buy buttons, and email opt-ins, that can be incorporated into fan pages.

Heyo Mobile: A fan page’s content can be easily integrated into a mobile application with a single click. Customers can call you through your phone widget, send you an email through your email widget, follow you through your twitter widget, or use your deal widget to redeem a deal, according to Heyo. In total, there are six mobile widgets available.

Last but not least, Heyo Web provides a hosted, drag-and-drop platform for building websites. The website can be used with Heyo Social-created content, just like the mobile app does.

Prices start at $3 per month and go up as more fan pages, widgets, mobile apps, and websites are used.

2. More than twenty Facebook Page apps are available from North Social.
There are more than 20 Facebook Page apps available from North Social.

North Social is a Facebook Page app developer that provides a suite of more than 20 apps. The Holiday Advent Calendar and the Trivia Contest are two of the most recent.

This app lets retailers set up a series of daily promotions that run from midnight to midnight each day during the holiday season.

Deals, coupons, downloads, and sweepstakes are just a few examples of promotions. For instance, in accordance with the Advent calendar, the app enables page owners to run a week of deals, 12 days of coupons, and up to 24 days of holiday deals.

Trivia Contest App The Trivia Contest app was created to give page owners a way to interact with their followers and promote their brands. There are three contest options: Multiple-choice, true/false, and personality test.

Sharing is built in, so after completing a trivia challenge, users will see their results and be asked to share the app by challenging their friends to beat their score.

North Social provides tiered pricing that is determined by the number of fans a page has and starts at $1.00 per day. The cost includes all applications.

3. A number of “engagement” apps have recently been released by Tabsite.
A number of “engagement” apps have just been released by Tabsite.

Tabsite, a provider of Facebook apps, recently introduced a series of “Engagement” apps. I recommend the following three: Group Deal, Pin Deal, and Share Deal.

Pin Deal is an app that allows Facebook page owners to create a unique offer or deal, bringing Pinterest into Facebook. However, before fans can “unlock” the deal, they must pin it to Pinterest.

Similar to the Pin Deal app, a fan must first share a special deal on Facebook in order to unlock it.

Group Deal The app for Group Deal continues where Share Deal left off. In this instance, fan page owners set the number of times a deal must be shared before it can be unlocked, just like they do with group deal websites like LivingSocial and Groupon.

The most popular plan on Tabsite starts at $15 per month. Additionally, there is a 14-day free trial. However, Tabsite’s Platinum plan, which costs $25 per month, is required to use the aforementioned apps.

4. On the Facebook Page marketing scene, Blazon Blazon is a newer player.
In the field of Facebook Page marketing, Blazon is relatively new.

Blazon, a social marketing suite centered on contests and promotional campaigns, is a newcomer to the Facebook marketing scene.

Using photo, text, and video contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes, Blazon claims to be the “fastest way to convert impressions into sales leads.”

Prices start at just $5 for each promotion and just $0.99 for each day. The most popular choice costs $19 per day and $2.49. The duration of promotions is up to the user’s discretion.

5. Pinterest tab and Photo Contests are two of the most recent Woobox applications.
Photo Contests and the Pinterest tab are two of Woobox’s newest applications.

Apps like group deals, polls, sweepstakes, and coupons are available from Woobox. However, two of its most recent additions are a Pinterest tab and Photo Contests.

Photo Contests The Photo Contests app, which is compatible with both Twitter and Facebook, lets fans and followers submit photos for other people to vote on. The captions submitted by participants are displayed on the voting screen. Users can also share their own or other people’s photos.

A particular advantage of using this app is that owners of fan pages can download all entry data, including email addresses, for use in follow-up marketing.

This app allows page owners to display their Pinterest boards and pins as a tab on a Facebook page, despite not being tied to a contest or promotion. Before viewing the Pinterest tab, users may be required to like the page.

The Pinterest tab app can be used for free. However, in order to use all Woobox apps, users must pay a $29 monthly subscription fee for the Photo Contests app.

6. FaceItPages FaceItPages provides a promotional application for fans who are relevant.
FaceItPages provides a promotional app for fans who are relevant.

FaceItPages, like the other businesses on this list, offers a variety of Facebook Page marketing options. It’s called +Promote and it helps Facebook page owners get “targeted likes” for their pages.

You have a much better chance of converting your likes into leads when you use targeted fans. According to FaceItPages, having more targeted fans increases the likelihood that those fans will interact with your page, which will also improve your Facebook Page Edgerank.

Using Facebook ads that are focused on the market and ideal customer of the merchant, the app promotes fan pages. The company focuses on creating targeted, low-cost, high-converting ads with a click-to-like ratio of 80 percent, according to the company.

The main advantage of using this app is that it prioritizes quality over quantity. To put it another way, the goal isn’t to get the most fans for the most money, but rather to get the ones who are most likely to engage with the brand.

The most popular plan costs $15 per month, but the first 30 days are free.

7. PageModo Pagemodo provides a tool for creating Facebook covers.
Pagemodo has a tool for making Facebook covers.

Pagemodo offers social apps as well. The Timeline Cover Photo designer is one that I like.

The procedure is easy. You select a background image (Pagemodo provides a background image maker), choose images from your computer or from images provided by Pagemodo, and then publish the cover to your fan page. The template can contain up to eight images.

To keep the page fresh, it’s important to change the cover images often. That procedure is simple and even enjoyable with this app. It can also be used for free. Additionally, Pagemodo provides a free level that can be used with a limited number of its apps. Aside from that, prices start at $6.25 per month and go up. Pagemodo is currently running a pricing promotion that reduces the monthly cost by half.)


Summary Despite the fact that Facebook provides its own marketing tools, primarily Promoted Posts, third-party applications like those listed here can still be utilized. They offer a plethora of promotional opportunities that have the potential to boost sales, engagement, and the expansion of a fan base.


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