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Have you anytime considered, how a couple of individuals send you messages in fancy text ?

They use Fancy Text Generator Apps/Websites where they form the average substance and a short time later copy the from it to send it to others.

In any case, Forget that thought now! Not any more copy stick. STYLE IT is the ONE and ONLY application available on Play Store which allows you to change over your normal substance into stylish text clearly without copy stick.


• More than 25 Unique Font Styles.

• Directly convert your normal substance into inside any application.

• Supports for all intents and purposes all devices using Accessibility Service.

• No Ads.

• Completely FREE.

How to use?

Default Mode:

Essentially twofold tap or Hold the substance you are creating and you’ll see a catch named – STYLE IT. Snap on that attach and select your favored style and See the MAGIC.

As a result of limitations of some Android contraptions, we have given another mode if your phone doesn’t support Default Mode.

Accessibility Mode:

Basically Add the notwithstanding sign (+) when the substance you have to style which will open Style Chooser, pick your style, and that is it.

Transparency Mode uses Accessibility Service, some mobile phones like Xiaomi, Vivo, Letv may normally execute accessibility organization. You should “Draw down” the application from “Continuous Apps” and “Lock” it in order to foresee slaughtering the organization. (If regardless of all that it stops working, essentially start the plan again from the application.)

We’d want to remember you that Accessibility Service in this application is used offer access to the contraptions which doesn’t support default strategy for styling.

It watches your action of “making content” to perceive if you created the request to style the substance.

It recuperates window substance so it can choose the screen where your at first formed substance can be superseded with styled content.

The application respects customer security and doesn’t store or transmit any near and dear information.

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