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The whole of the other App Lock applications give essentially PIN and Pattern lock decisions to jolt your applications and vault. As a rule, our partners and partners can calculate our PIN or Pattern by peeping behind us for multiple times. Is your mates, partners and family members estimating your PIN number constantly? We give the Ultra Lock application to handle your worry.

Beside PIN and Pattern lock elective, Ultra Lock gives the going with novel lock decisions,

★ Hours and Minutes PIN: This elective sets the present hours and minutes as your lock screen PIN. For example, if the here and now is 10:50 AM, by then your lock screen PIN will be 1050. Since hours and minutes in the cellphone changes on reliably, your PIN will similarly change every minute. The best part is, you needn’t review the routinely changing PIN number.

★ Date and Month PIN: If you would favor not to change your lock screen PIN number to reliably

Beside them, Ultra Lock gives the distinctive blends of the Hours, Minutes, Date, Month and Battery level, for instance, Minutes and Date PIN, Month and Minutes PIN, Hours and Date PIN, Minutes and Battery PIN, etc., Using them, will make it extraordinary for others to figure your App Lock mystery state.

Other Cool Features in the application,

★ Time-Based Lock: You can engage or debilitate the lock for a particular course of action of utilizations reliant on the time. For example, you can jolt your individual to individual correspondence applications simply during your accessible time from 9 AM to 5 PM and open it after that time.

★ WiFi-Based Lock: You can enable or incapacitate the lock for a particular course of action of uses reliant on your related WiFi. For example, You can engage lock for Messaging applications when you connected with your office WiFi and disabled person lock for them when you separate from that.

★ Intruder Detection: The application will find the photo using the front camera in case someone endeavors to get to your darted applications and show an admonition about it when you open the lock screen next time.

★ Last Unlock Time: Ultra Lock will show a notice with the last opened time of the shot applications when you open the particular applications.

★ Lock PIN Modifiers: We give pivot and balance modifiers which sets the endeavor of guessing your PIN. For example, If you use pivot modifier elective Hours and Minute PIN type and the here and now is 12:15 PM, by then Ultra Lock will set the lock screen PIN for the App Lock as 5121 which is switch of right now.

★ Random Numeric Keypad: The lock screen of the App Lock shows the numeric keypad in subjective solicitation.

★ Photo and Gallery Lock: You can jolt your private photos and chronicles inside Ultra Lock.

If you should be a Beta analyzer or give contribution on the application, if it’s not all that much issue send us an E-mail to [email protected]. We will interface with you.


Everything we do is literally dependent on our smartphones. It is impossible to imagine anyone going even a single second without making some kind of use of their smart devices. All of this increases our fear of data theft and privacy intrusion.

Consequently, we ought to consider apps lock download and take precautions against mobile intruders.

As a consequence of this, we have compiled a listing of the best Android app locks, which includes applications for face lock, fingerprint lock, and pin code lock.

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There are a number of the best Android app lockers available on the Play Store that offer amazing tools and features to shield our personal belongings from prying eyes and prevent unauthorized access.

The following is a list of the thirteen best Android app lockers that you should use in 2020.

1. AppLock from DoMobile Labs is a formidable competitor. It is one of the best Android lock screen apps because it is used by most people from all over the world.

You can prevent unauthorized access to any app you choose with this.

It has exciting features like a vault where media can be hidden, a fake cover for apps that are locked, taking selfies of intruders, blocking calls, and uninstalling protection.

Because it offers passkeys and pin codes in addition to fingerprint security, it is also referred to as a fingerprint lock app.

Who would dare invade your privacy with this app?

2. Among the best lock screen programs, Norton AppLock is well-known. In the app locker society, Norton is also king. This app does everything an app locker needs to do, like secure apps with a pattern or pin, keep sensitive data safe, and provide an additional level of security.

You can also take a selfie with obnoxious intruders, protect your media, and prevent applications from being uninstalled.

3. Privacy Knight is one of the best Android app locks if you want to stop intrusive people from accessing your personal information without your permission.

Privacy Knight is the shining knight in shining armor for all of us who suffer from constant privacy intrusion and do not wish for the misuse of our phone data.

It even has a vault where you can save your videos and photos and locks all of your essential apps.

You can unlock the device using a crash message, a PIN or pattern, or a fingerprint scanner, depending on your preferences. It is also a face lock app because it uses face tracking to lock and unlock apps.

It doesn’t have any in-app purchases and has no ads at all, which is a huge plus.

Read also: Best apps for hiding apps on Android and iOS Perfect AppLock, which has more than 400 million users, is one of the best Android app locks.

A phone privacy solution that is close to perfect is Perfect Applock. It lets you protect all of your device’s applications with a pin, pattern, or gesture password.

In addition to apps, you can safeguard network toggles like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and internet data. and effectively control the rotation and brightness of locked apps.

You can also lock incoming and outgoing calls so that no one can see your secret call history and display fake error messages on locked apps.

5. SpSoft’s AppLock is the best Android app locker for protecting your applications and other important documents.

It is also known as App lock Fingerprint and can be unlocked with a fingerprint, a pattern, or a password.

More specifics: Best Android Game Booster Apps for 2019: Users can set up profiles, lock system settings like rotation, backlight, and the home screen, send the intruder selfie to the registered email, and unlock the phone via SMS. They can also guarantee that app locks only function when connected to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

It also has App Lock Time, which lets you lock at specific time intersections. Is it not wonderful for kids?

6. Even if you don’t like Android app locks, LOCKit, SuperTools’ best app lock and privacy guard, will make you like them.

Are you bothered by your cousins’ incessant phone gaming? Lock it in the event that that occurs.

Lockit is an excellent Android lock screen locker that keeps your device in top condition and safeguards your files. The majority of its features are straightforward but highly effective. You can scan your files, tidy up your notification bar, make your phone better, and protect your phone screen with this app.

7. Imagine being able to lock, secure, and deactivate your apps based on the social setting you’re in with Hexlock Applock. Perhaps you don’t want notifications from your gallery or social media to be displayed while your parents are at home.

You could actually do all of that and more with Hexlock.

Preset profiles for home, work, parental, school, and other settings are included in Hexlock App Lock’s excellent interface and useful tools. You can modify these and create your own profiles. You can use a password, PIN, or pattern to protect your confidential information.




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