Whatsaga|Longer stories|Save Status


Never let the 30-second purpose of restriction cut your records off.

WhatSaga is an utility instrument to empower you to post stories longer than 30 seconds by separating them into parts of 29-second chronicles and sharing them simultaneously in a minute!.

Exhibiting long video statuses on WhatsApp is just more straightforward in light of the way that you don’t need to hack them down physically, WhatSaga will do it for you in a minute and offer it to WhatsApp.


Tired of screenshotting statuses by different people?

WhatSaga energizes you see all the progressing statuses and Save and Share them

Likewise, not just pictures, chronicles also!.

Sound STATUS !!!

Whatsapp sound status is coming also. Download WhatSaga today!

We are still in beta interpretation and more features are coming. Reinforce us with your analysis 🙂

By and by open for WhatsApp for Business also!.

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whatsapp status Saver

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whatsapp status full video move

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cut video in 30 second

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split video in 30 second

2018 status downloader application.

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30 second cut video

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This application isn’t auxiliary with WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Business in any way. WhatsApp is the trademark of WhatsApp Inc. No trademark infringement is in this way proposed.

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