Any Android device needs to have a robust file manager app. It assists you in locating downloads and folders, managing the storage on your device, transferring files, modifying internal files, and a great deal more. To put it another way, a good file manager gives you complete control over your device.

However, they are not a standard for all Android-based devices for obscure reasons. Despite the fact that the majority of smartphones come equipped with a built-in file manager, they lack speed and other essential features. As a result, users only have one option: third-party programs

If there were only ten or fifteen apps, choosing the right one from hundreds of file manager apps is no easy task. We’ve got you covered, no worries. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most recent and best Android OS file managers, explorers, and browsers. Be selective.

15. Stun Document Chief

Stun Document Chief is for clients who values open source applications. The app runs smoothly, is light, and has all of the fundamental features a good file manager should have. You can search their files simultaneously on multiple windows. Additionally, there is a shortcut tab for quick and simple access to your preferred movies, songs, and other media.

You can bookmark particular folders with a feature. Amaze also offers a paid plug-in for cloud integration. In addition, it includes a capable app manager that permits direct app control and backup creation. Additionally, you can select multiple themes to enhance your experience.

14. ES File Explorer File Manager ES File Explorer File Manager is a straightforward, intelligent, and effective file management application. This app makes it simple to wirelessly transfer documents, music, movies, and other applications to other devices. In addition to the basic cut-and-paste and compression capabilities, the app lets you create encrypted ZIP files in case you require files that are more secure.

For easy navigation, there are shortcuts to various storage locations in a handy sidebar. It also works with WebDAV and FTP, as well as cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. A cache cleaner and a note editor with syntax support for 30 languages are also included. You can access all of your Android files from your desktop thanks to a cool feature in the remote manager.

This file manager app lets root users change their permissions and gain full access to all file directories. The app is useful, but it has too many annoying ads, which is a big problem that needs to be addressed.

13. Solid Explorer is a great file manager with a dual pane file explorer, or two windows open at once, making it simple to move files around. With this, encrypted compressed files in the Zip, 7Zip, and Tar formats can be created. WebDav, FTP, and SFTP are also supported.

Plugins provide a limited number of additional features. Last but not least, the app offers a wide range of icons, themes, and color schemes from which to choose.

It is a two-week test version; The full version is only $1.99, which is a pretty good deal.

12. FX File Explorer is a robust Android file management application with a Material Design user interface and a lot of awesome features. The app makes managing media files and folders on your smartphone nearly painless. It lets you use Wi-Fi to move files and documents to another Android device.

Your media files can also be transferred and managed from your desktop browser. That brings me to the next feature, which lets you transfer files and folders from your desktop to your smartphone by dragging and dropping them. A cool Home Screen, dual window mode, and storage health status view are additional features.

11. Android File Manager is a free and effective application for managing files on any Android device. The app has almost every feature for managing files and an easy-to-use, clean interface. It is remarkable in its simplicity: no fancy extra features you don’t need. You can directly access the files and folders on your device, scan the apps that are installed, and delete them if you want to.

10. Root Explorer Is your Android device rooted and you’re looking for a file manager made just for it? Then Root Explorer is a must-try. You can access your device’s entire file system through the app. It is compatible with SMB network and cloud storage services like Google Drive.

You can also perform quick searches, create compressed Zip and tar files, and do a lot more. Your device won’t fall asleep during long operations thanks to a new feature.

9. MiXplorer MiXplorer is a comprehensive application for managing files on your device. It makes it simple and painless to manage all of your files and folders. It not only has basic features for managing files like copying and moving files and customizing each folder, but it also has a lot of advanced features.

Almost all popular archive file formats, such as ZIP, 7z, TAR, RAR, and ISO, permit the creation and extraction of compressed files. In addition, connecting it to your cloud storage accounts is simple. The MiXplorer file manager is ideal for almost all Android devices, but it is a real beast on rooted ones.

8. GM Files is a free Android file manager with all of its features. It has a lot of useful features that make it easier to organize all of your device’s files. Advanced operations include transferring data over Wi-Fi and analyzing internal memory for junk or unused apps and files, in addition to basic file operations.

It lets you make, delete, backup, and share apps that are already installed on your phone. With support for multiple accounts, the app makes it simple to store your belongings directly in the cloud. It also works with media formats like GIF files and FTP, FTPS, and SFTP services. The best part is that it’s free and doesn’t contain any ads.

7. Astro File Manager is a well-liked, highly effective, and ad-free file management application. You can create, move, copy, and compress files and folders using the app, which gives you complete control over your device. Its advanced storage analyzer feature can let you know about all the useless apps and files on your phone so you can free up space.

You will have no trouble transferring files from the device’s local storage to an SD card or the cloud thanks to its smart cloud manager capabilities. Additionally, it has a built-in media player for viewing videos and images.

6. Asus File Manager is the file manager app that comes pre-installed on ASUS ZenUI smartphones, but it works with almost every other Android device. The app supports cloud storage and has a clean, simple user interface.

It includes a recycling bin for recovering deleted files, a storage analyzer for analyzing your device’s storage, and a number of useful disk tools. From the File Manager home screen, you can quickly and easily browse your files. The app works perfectly, with the exception of a few compatibility issues.

5. File Expert: With File Expert, you can actually have complete control over your device. You can manage files and folders on your internal SD card, cloud storage, or both. You can view your files by modified date, classic tree hierarchy, or categories.

The app has a safebox where you can lock down your sensitive files and a recycle bin from which you can recover deleted files. Users of rooted devices can alter system files and change file permissions. The ability to create your own home-based cloud storage and access it at any time is one really cool feature of File Expert.

4. Ghost Commander File Manager is a free and open-source application made to meet all of your file management requirements. Whether you’re managing files locally or remotely from another device, its dual-pane system makes file management simple.

Through a plugin, the app also works with FTP and SFTP servers and cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Support for ZIP archives and a built-in text editor are two additional features. Last but not least, the app has a lot of options for customization, so you can change how it looks to suit your preferences.

Read: 24 Substratum Theme to Change the Look of Your Android File Manager is one of the most well-known Android file manager applications, despite its straightforward name. The fundamental features are all present; Files can be renamed, copied, moved, deleted, compressed, and decompressed. It also supports cloud storage, which is true.

You are able to access and manage each and every application that is installed on your device using the app. The internal storage of your device will be accessible directly from your desktop. You can also play music and preview images from an internal media player.

2. X-plore File Manager Are you looking for a powerful application with a simple and straightforward user interface for managing files? If so, you should use X-plore File Manager. The app’s dual-pane file explorer and hierarchical tree view of folders make it simple to switch between them and transfer files.

There are all of the fundamental features of a file manager, like copying, pasting, and uninstalling other applications. Using a browser on your desktop, you can access your files. FTP and FTPS servers are also supported. With a rooted device, sensitive device data can be explored and altered.

You can also get features like SSH file transfer, file sharing over WI-Fi, and media players for your music and videos through in-app purchases, which cost $1.35 or $21.60.

1. Last but not least, Total Commander is the ideal file manager for all Android phones. You are able to copy, paste, delete, and create new files and folders thanks to the app’s extensive file management system. You can also change permissions and make compressed files.


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